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The Logistics Department at Sector Juneau is made up of two divisions: Support Division and Engineering Division. The Support Division is comprised of Administration and Supply Branches and provides internal oversight and assistance with respect to administration and personnel, finance and supply. Additionally, the Support Division is responsible for the development and maintenance of budget plans, unit/sub-unit accounts, and disbursement of funds as well as procurement oversight, stowage and issuance of all stores assigned to the Sector and subordinate units. The Division also manages unit real and general-purpose property and asset inventories.

The Engineering Division is responsible for administering organizational level engineering support for all Sector facilities and assets. The Division also administers Drydock and Dockside Availabilities for Sector assets, public works and oversees the environmental compliance program. In addition to servicing Sector assets, the Engineering Division serves as the Regional Service Center which provides Gauge/Meter Calibration and SCBA maintenance and repair for all afloat assets in Alaska.

709 W 9th St.
Suite 223B
JUNEAU, AK 99802
(907) 463-2980
Last Modified 1/12/2016