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Welcome Aboard

Unit Name:

Personal Mailing Address:
ATTN: Your Name
PO Box 5800
JBER AK 99505-0800

Commercial Phone: (907) 428-4200
Fax: (907) 428-4218
After Hours: Operations Center: (907) 428-4200

Our Command:
CAPT Paul Albertson, Commander, CG Sector Anchorage
CDR Stacey Mersel, Deputy Sector Commander
EMCS Steven Gustin, Command Senior Chief

Our Department Heads Include:
Response: CDR James Binniker
Prevention: CDR Hector L. Cintron
Logistics: LCDR Mark Nelson
Sector Command Center: LT Bridget Fitzgibbons
Planning: LT Matthew J. Mitchell
Senior Reserve Officer: LCDR Kirk G. Oberlander
Reserve Command Senior Chief: BMCS Roger D. Holland

Adobe PDF document - Welcome Aboard from the Captain

Who We are

Sector Anchorage has the largest geographical Area of Responsibility in the nation, which includes the oil rich North Slope, Bering Sea, Chukchi Sea, Bristol Bay (with the world’s largest run of sockeye salmon), Kodiak Island, Kenai Peninsula, and the Aleutian Islands.

Welcome Aboard Message and Your Sponsor

Messages are sent to each newly assigned member. If you haven’t received your message shortly after receiving orders or you have not heard from your assigned sponsor, please contact YNC Schnarr at (907) 428-4123 for assistance.

All crewmembers are happy to assist you or answer any questions you may have!

Sponsor's Corner

Here are some topics and FAQ's you can discuss with our new incoming member:

1. What are their departing and reporting dates?
2. How are they traveling to Anchorage? Based on your personal experience traveling in Alaska, it would be very beneficial to pass onto our new member your experiences and give them advice on how to make their trip easier.
3. Do they have a Government Travel Charge Card(GTCC)? If member does not, highly encourage them to get one prior to departing their old unit. They will need a GTCC while they are assigned here.
4. Ask them about what they do at their current unit and what experience and technical skills they will be bringing with them. Provide guidance and give advice on what they can do to prepare for their new job here at Sector.
5. Ask them if they have the right kind of clothing to protect them against cold weather. Based on your experience, advise member on the type of clothing they should purchase.
6. Do they have any special needs or anything of that nature?
7. Ask them for their personal contact info so you can stay in touch with them while they travel here to Anchorage.

Reporting Aboard

Procedures for Reporting:
The uniform for reporting is Tropical Blue Long(Summer) or Service Dress Bravo(Winter). Call your sponsor to advise them of your arrival date and plans. Upon arrival you can expect to be met by your sponsor, he/she will assist you with your check-in ensuring that you have met with the appropriate personnel.

Is it Advisable to Bring Dependents Along When Reporting?
New personnel should transfer their families with them to the area, however, when initially checking into Sector Anchorage, please do not bring family members onboard.

Uniform Of The Day

Uniform normally worn during the workday:
Operational Dress Uniform (ODU) is the standard uniform of the day with Tropical Blue Long (Trops) as an optional uniform. Ensure that you have a complete sea bag upon arrival.

Local Information And Housing

Nearest Airport:
Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport - 4 miles

Nearest Military Facilities:
Joint Base Elmendorf/Richardson(JBER) – 2 miles

Location of Nearest Exchange and Commissary:
Large Military Exchange & Commissary – Joint Base Elmendorf/Richardson(JBER) – 6 miles

Area Schools:
Anchorage School District

Where Do Member and their Dependents Receive Medical Care?
Medical services are provided by Elmendorf AFB.

Religious Denominations in the Area:
All denominations are available.

Housing/Quarters Availability:
Members with and without dependents are not required to reside in government quarters. All new members reporting in are authorized to live on the economy and receive BAH at the applicable rate.

What is my BAH and COLA rate in Anchorage?
Use this link to look up your BAH and COLA rate for Anchorage. Enter 99501 for the zip code and AK005 for locality code.

Is Privatized Housing Available?
Yes. The following links for privatized housing on JBER will assist you.

Housing Note:
Although Alaska is considered a high cost area, you can afford to live here. There are several locations to choose from that will meet your housing needs as well as your family. We receive OCONUS Cost of Living Allowance(OCOLA) along with Basic Allowance for Housing(BAH) which will cover a large portion if not all of your out of pocket expenses should you decide to rent or buy a home.

Family Readiness Information

Information on emergency preparation and planning for you and your family.
Adobe PDF document - Family Disaster Planning Brochure

Anchorage resources for parents and young children.
Adobe PDF document - Family Resources

Other Information

U.S. Coast Guard Sector Anchorage is located on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER), which is a combined U.S. Army and Air Force base. The following links provide useful information about JBER.

JBER Home Page:

Adobe PDF document - JBER 2015 - 2016 Installation Guide and Telephone Directory

The Ombudsman is Sector’s official liaison between your family and the command. She/he is usually a spouse who has considerable knowledge of Coast Guard routine and possesses maturity and common sense. Problems encountered by our families (i.e. spouses, children, parents) can go to the Ombudsman who can offer support and guidance. The Ombudsman is a great resource for questions about local family life, support, and many other issues. Your sponsor can assist you in making contact with our current Ombudsman if you need to speak with her/him.

Messing Availability:
There is no galley here at Sector Anchorage. All enlisted members will receive Enlisted Basic Allowance for Subsistence(BAS).

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