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Travel FAQ 

1.  When I PCS to Guam what type of travel M&IE do I get while flying?
A:  You will receive 75% of Guam’s M&IE the day you arrive. 
2.  Will I be reimbursed for lodging if I arrive on the weekend? 
A:  Prior to your arrival you must obtain a statement of non-availability from Navy Lodging to stay in a hotel out on the economy and to be reimbursed. 
3.   Will the Coast Guard pay for me to ship my pets?
A:  No, the CG will not pay for the actual travel. They will pay for quarantine fees up to $550.00.
4.  Am I authorized a rental vehicle while I’m waiting for my POV? 
A:  No you aren’t authorized, unless the date determined for arrival is exceeded. 
5.  Am I authorized a remain over night in Hawaii?
A: No, unless there are extenuating circumstances (i.e. delayed flight, etc. ).
6.  May I be on proceed time and utilize TLA?
A:  No, you have to report in to your unit in order to receive TLA.
7.  When do my COLA and TLA entitlements begin?
A:  Your entitlements begin the day you report in to your unit. 
8.  Should I charge my airfare to my gov’t travel card? 
A: If you exceed 15 days of travel/leave you must charge the airfare to the CBA.  If the amount of airfare exceeds $3000.00 you must charge the flight to the CBA.
9. How do I pay for my hotel when I utilize TLA?
A:  you are authorized to use your gov’t travel card to pay for lodging and meals. 
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Last Modified 1/12/2016