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Security Levels


       Bringing firearms to Guam has several steps that must be strictly followed, as failure to do so could result in charges under Guam Customs or criminal law as well as the confiscation of your firearms. Additionally, Naval Base Guam regulates the transportation and storage of firearms on base. The failure to follow base regulations could result in charges under the UCMJ.

      Be sure to thoroughly read the following information in its entirety, and contact your sponsor with any questions. The cost of registering one firearm totals $173.00, with an added cost of $49.00 for each additional firearm. The process is also fairly complicated, and failure to follow it can lead to serious repercussions. Take this into consideration before bringing your firearms to Guam.

Air Travel:

      Prior to arrival at the airport for departure, be sure to check with your airline and the Transportation Security Administration to ensure you are conforming to all laws and regulations concerning firearms at airports and onboard aircraft.

Naval Base Guam: 

       Bringing and storing firearms on Naval Base Guam (NBG) must be done in accordance with NAVBASEGUAMINST 5530.6B. A copy of this instruction is located on the Sector Guam intranet portal page. To bring firearms on base while awaiting the disposition of the Guam registration process, you must complete the following steps:

 1. Declare that you have personal firearms at the gate upon initial entry. You should ensure your firearms are not loaded and inaccessible when entering. You will be escorted or directed to proceed to the NBG Armory (directions will be provided).

2.There you will complete the required paperwork with NBG Armory personnel and will be provided with receipts for all stored personal firearms. You will be unable to retrieve these until you have your Guam Firearm ID Card in hand.

        Once you have your ID you may return to the NBG Armory to retrieve your firearms in order to get them inspected by the GPD Armory. After you have been issued individual registration cards for each firearm (this process is explained below), you will need to return to the NBG Armory to finalize documentation there. At this point you may store your firearms in base housing in a locked container or with proper trigger/chamber locking mechanisms. Firearms may not be stored in unaccompanied housing or personal vehicles. Refer to NAVBASEGUAMINST 5530.6B and housing policy for detailed storage requirements.

        The Armory will also issue you an Authorization to Transport Personal Weapons. The procedures contained within must be strictly followed at all times when transporting firearms on and off the base.

Guam Customs:

       Firearms, whether brought on island via household goods or on your flight, must be declared to Guam Customs upon entry. When bringing firearms via your flight, proceed to Guam Customs in the airport once you retrieve your checked baggage holding the firearms.

      For firearms shipped in household goods (HHG) shipments (ammunition cannot be shipped), you must be present for the extraction of your firearms prior to the delivery of your HHG. It is recommended you note the container your firearms are placed in to expedite their extraction once you are in Guam. Moving companies CANNOT deliver your HHG until all firearms are extracted. Your moving company will help you make arrangements with Guam Customs to get this process completed.

      Once your firearms are inspected by Guam Customs officials, you will be provided with the paperwork necessary to complete registration with the Guam Police Department (GPD).

IMPORTANT! When the Customs paperwork is received you have 30 calendar days to complete the registration process, failure to do so within this timeframe could result in felony weapons charges under Guam criminal law. A background check that takes up to 10 working days is part of the process. It is essential you begin this immediately!

Guam Police Department:

         There are several steps towards completing this process. For up-to-date information refer to the GPD web site at:

        First, you must obtain a Guam Firearm ID Card. To do this you must go to the Guam Police Department (GPD) Records and ID Section located on the 1st Floor of the International Trade Center (ITC) building, Suite 131 at: 

590 South Marine Corps Drive
Tamuning, GU 96913 

Phone: 671-475-8500/8506/0049

Hours: 8:00am – 3:00 pm M-F


You will need to bring the following:

1.      A completed Guam Firearms ID Application: 

2.      A certified birth certificate with a photo ID card; AND a social security card; OR a valid U.S. passport; AND a social security card; OR a naturalization certificate AND a social security card.

 3.      A $47.00 money order or cashier’s check made payable to the “Superior Court of Guam”. This is the fee is for the FBI background check.

 4.      An additional $34.00 for the cost of fingerprinting. This payment can be made via cash or card (an additional convenience fee will be assessed if using a card). Fingerprinting will be completed during this initial visit.

          When the background check is complete and approved (ten working days), you must return and pay an additional $43.00 (cash or card) to receive your Guam Firearms ID, which will be good for three years.

         Now that you have your firearms ID in hand proceed, with your firearms you have retrieved from the NBG Armory, to the GPD Armory. It is located on Neptune Drive in Barrigada. Directions are provided:

When coming from Naval Base Guam, take Marine Corps Drive (Route 1) to Purple Heart Memorial Highway (Route 8). Continue down Route 8 and at the intersection of Route 8 and Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway (Route 10) turn left onto Seagull Ave. Continue on until you reach Corsair Road and turn left. At the end of Corsair Road turn right onto Neptune Ave. The GPD Armory will be on the right side towards the end of Neptune Road.

Phone: 671-475-8618

Hours: 7:30am – 1:30 pm M-F

You will need the following:

1.      A Bill of Sale; OR a Certificate of Ownership; OR a notarized document containing the descriptions of all firearms (if needed, Naval Base Guam Legal Services or the Sector Guam Command Secretary can notarize your documentation) 

2.      The Customs declaration form 

3.      Your valid firearms ID

4.      A safety inspection form which will be issued by the GPD Armory 

        Once each firearm is inspected, the GPD Armory will provide you with the necessary paperwork to return to the Records and ID Section. Here you will complete the registration process by paying $49.00 per firearm (cash or card). You will then be issued a card for each registered firearm.


       If you desire to get a concealed carry permit, you may begin the process at this point by completing the required paperwork and paying the additional fees. Possession of a Guam concealed carry permit does not authorize personnel to carry concealed firearms on any military installation.


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