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Unit History

The U.S. Coast Guard (USCG) has had a continuous presence in the Far East since 1947 when USCG Captain Frank M. Meals assisted General Douglas MacArthur in establishing the Japan Maritime Safety Agency (now the Japan Coast Guard).

In 1952, the USCG established the Far East Section (FESEC) at Yokota Air Base in Fussa-shi, Japan.  Its mission was to operate long-range radio aids to navigation systems for the Department of Defense at numerous sites throughout Asia and the Western Pacific.  On December 13, 1994, the USCG decommissioned FESEC and simultaneously commissioned the USCG Activities Far East (FEACT) also at Yokota Air Base. At that time, FEACT became the parent command of the Marine Inspection Detachment (MIDET) Singapore. FEACT is one of two U.S. Coast Guard commands located overseas.

Chronology of Command
Coast Guard Activities Far East

CAPT Richard C. Wigger
1994 - 1996

CAPT Joseph P. Brusseau
1996 - 2000

CAPT James M. Garrett
2000 - 2004

CAPT Michael L. Blair
2004 - 2007

CAPT Gerald M. Swanson
2007 - 2010

CAPT John W. Koster
2010 - 2012

CAPT Mark J. McCadden
2012 - 2015

CAPT Lee Boone
2015 - Present

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