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Security Levels

Reporting Aboard USCGC KISKA

Overseas Screening:

Upon receiving PCS orders to KISKA, you are required to complete an Overseas Screening as specified in part 1.H.2 of the Military Assignments and Authorized Absences Manual, COMDTINST M1000.8A. This requires completion of an overseas physical exam for member and dependents, and a financial assessment, using the forms provided in the manual. An overseas screening is required to be performed within 10 days of receiving PCS orders.


There are three government-owned homes in Hilo, but only one is available for married members. The other two are occupied by the unit’s non-rated personnel. The majority of the crew live on the economy. All crewmembers assigned to KISKA who elect to reside on the economy are required to live within 30 miles of the ship in order to be available for recall.


Check out the Hawaii Department of Education link to search for schools in Hawaii County. There are also several private schools located in and around Hilo. For adult education; there is the University of Hawaii Hilo Campus and the Hawaii Community College of Hilo.


Coordinate your arrival with your sponsor. Make sure your sponsor has your travel itinerary. Uniform for reporting is Tropical Blue Long. Before you make your trip to Hawaii, make sure you check out the Coast Guard’s Hawaiian Islands Relocation Handbook, which contains a lot of good general information and tips.

Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA):

Depending on your status, Temporary Lodging Allowance may be authorized. Please refer to the Hawaiian Islands Relocation Handbook for a more detailed explanation of the policy. Make sure you check with your sponsor or Base Honolulu’s Administrative personnel to see if you are eligible. 

Medical Care:

Members and families assigned to KISKA are enrolled in TRICARE Prime Remote. There are no military treatment facilities on the Island of Hawaii therefore, all health and dental care is provided through a civilian network of TRICARE-authorized providers. It is important that you call TRICARE to change your coverage to Prime Remote when you report. To find an authorized provider in the area, use TRICARE’s Provider Directory Search Page (type 96720 into the Zip Code line).

USCGC KISKA underway

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