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Security Levels

Life Onboard

In-Port Routine

Morning Workouts or Training

Liberty expires for the crew of the GALVESTON ISLAND at 0645 for workouts on Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and training on Tuesday/Thursday.

Work Day

The normal workday begins after morning workouts or training, and ends when liberty is granted around 1300.  These hours are always subject to change due to the great deal of flexibility required of a patrol boat.


The Food Service Specialist serves breakfast on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 0645, and lunch Monday through Friday at 1300.  Dinners and weekend meals are cooked by the duty section with an assortment of foods available in the open galley stores.  The duty crewman is responsible for some mess cook duties, such as storing leftovers, washing, sanitizing, and putting away dishes, and helping re-stock the galley for the next meal.


A much needed period of liberty is normally granted on Saturday and Sunday, operations and watch standing permitting.

Underway Routine

The GALVESTON ISLAND is a multi-mission patrol boat with a primary area of operations (AOR) covering the main Hawaiian Islands.  Missions include search and rescue (SAR), enforcement of fishery and recreational laws and treaties, and ports, waterways, & coastal security (PWCS).  With such a broad range of duties, work hours can be long and no two days are the same.  Most evolutions are all-hands events requiring a great deal of teamwork.  Your time aboard the GALVESTON ISLAND will be hard work, but rewarding!

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