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USCG Station Chetco River
16133 Boat Basin Rd.
Brookings, OR 97415
Phone: 541.469.3885


USCG Station Chetco River

As one of the 21 Surf Stations we have the ability to respond to some of the most perilous missions of the Coast Guard. We operate two 47-ft Motor Lifeboats (MLB) and one 25-ft Response Boat Small (RBS). The MLBs are designed to operate in adverse weather including 30-ft seas, 20-ft surf, and 50-kt winds. In the event the MLB is knocked over by a wave it will re-right itself in about 8 seconds. As a member of the MLB crew you will learn how to assist persons in the water, tow disabled vessels, and transit surf zones. Station personnel train with the MLBs in the surf any time weather conditions permit in order to maintain the skills necessary to safely operate in such a challenging environment.

As a new member of Station Chetco River your first responsibility will be to get qualified in the Communications Center as a Watchstander. As a Watchstander you will be the eyes and ears of the Station. You will constantly monitor the entrance to the Chetco River looking for vessels or people in need of assistance and help facilitate communications between the marine community and the Station's boats. Following your qualification as Watchstander you will begin training on the boats as a Boat Crewmember.

As a Crewmember you will work on the boats assisting in Navigation, Line Handling, Lookout, and other duties as directed by the Coxswain. Additional responsibilities may include Boat Engineer or Boarding Team Member. The Boat Engineer is responsible for the mechanical readiness of the MLBs and supervising casualty control measures. As a Boarding Team Member you will participate in Maritime Law Enforcement boardings as a member of the Boarding Team assisting in the enforcement of Federal Laws. Station Chetco River is an active participant in the enforcement of Recreational Boating Safety and Living Marine Resources policies.

Last Modified 1/12/2016