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Security Levels

Motor Lifeboat Station Quillayute River

Local Area

Housing Locations

If you are E-4 and above, you will be collecting BAH (Basic Housing Allowance) and living on the local economy. All single E2’s and E3’s will live aboard the unit in the barracks when they first report on board. Married E2’s & E3’s will also live on the economy. The crew is authorized to live in Forks or Port Angeles. The bulk of the crew lives in Forks, which is a 20 min drive to the station. Port Angeles is a little over an hour drive to the station, but offers more in the way of amenities. If you are trying to decide where to live, discuss your options with your sponsor, or an OOD(Officer of the Day). Below is a brief description of the local areas and what they have to offer.

The Olympic Peninsula

The local area around the unit offers many different activities for the outdoor enthusiast. Hunting, fishing, hiking, rafting, and surfing are all activities that the crew routinely take part in. There are three towns that are in the area near and around the unit.

La Push

Station Quillayute River is located on the reservation that is home to the Quileute Indian Tribe. The community has a small store, a resort, and a restaurant. First Beach offers visitors and locals like a nice beach for ocean activities like surfing and swimming.


Forks is located approximately 14 miles east of La Push. This community has restaurants, a grocery store, 2 hardware stores, a pharmacy, and 3 banks.

Port Angeles

Port Angeles is located approximately 70 miles to the Northeast of La Push. The city of Port Angeles is much larger than Forks and has a wider variety of the services and ammenities that Forks has to offer, including fast food restaurants and larger stores such as Wal-Mart. Port Angeles also has the nearest movie theatres in the area.

Other Areas Of Interest

Seattle and Victoria, Canada are places that the crew travel to while stationed here as well. You can get to Victoria via ferry in about 1 hour from Port Angeles and to Seattle in about 3.5/4 hours using various ferries or by driving around the Puget Sound through Tacoma. Both destinations are large cities and Seattle is generally where the crew flies in and out of Washington at Sea-Tac Airport.

Driving Directions/Arrival by Air

Directions from Seattle and points east

From Seattle via Bainbridge Ferry. Follow highways 305 to 3 to 104 to 101 around Sequim. Continue on 101 beyond Sequim & Port Angeles towards Forks. Hwy 110 to La Push is about 1 hr past Port Angeles, and just before you get into Forks. Turn Right on Hwy 110, and follow for 17 miles towards La Push until you see the ocean. Drive through the reservation to find the Station at the very end of the road, on the right side. Travel Time: 4 hours and 15 minutes

Directions from Portland, Or and points south

Follow 1-5 North towards Seattle. Get off at exit 88B, Hwy 12 exit towards Aberdeen. From Aberdeen, follow Hwy 101N towards Forks. Right after you depart Forks, turn left on Hwy 110. Follow Hwy 110 for 17 miles towards La Push until you see the ocean. Drive through the reservation to find the Station at the very end of the road.

Arrival By Air

When arriving by air, you must make arrangements to fly from Seattle’s Boeing Field to Port Angeles. Transfers are available from SEA-TAC to Boeing Field. A member of the crew can pick you up in Port Angeles. You need to keep the Station informed of your flight number and Arrival Time. Kenmore Air provides service to Port Angeles and can be found @

Last Modified 1/12/2016