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Commanding Officer
Ediz Hook Road
Port Angeles, WA
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Air Station / Sector Field Office (SFO)      Port Angeles, WA

Ediz Hook Road
Port Angeles, WA  98362-2201

Shipping Household Goods (HHG) and Transportation Info

Coast Guard AIRSTA/SFO Port Angeles Administration Department assists personnel with setting up the shipping of household goods, vehicles, and transportation planning.  Moves concerning household goods shipments are coordinated through the U.S. Navy transportation office at Bangor Sub Base or PSSU Seattle.  Arranging for household goods shipment or storage takes time for contracting and coordination.  Personnel should ensure they make an appointment at least 20-30 days in advance of the date the shipment will be required.


HHGs counseling in not done here, however if you would like one-on-one counseling you may contact PSSU Seattle at (206) 217-6715 or Navy Sub Base Bangor at (360) 476-7671.

Shipment of Personal Property / Household Goods (HHG)

Requesting Shipping or Receiving of HHGs
There are three distinct ways for members to arrange for the shipment/receipt of their household goods:

  1. The first and most recommended way is via the internet through the Defense Personal Property System (DPS).  The Coast Guard currently uses this web based program to answer most of our customer’s questions, initiate the shipment of household goods and counsel members on their entitlements.  This is all done from the convenience of your home or office.  Access this program by logging into and request a password.  A password will automatically be sent and you may then continue to open an account in DPS (NOTE: YOU WILL NEED A COPY OF YOUR ORDERS WHEN YOU ARE ENTERING THE INFORMATION).  Once your information is entered, you will be prompted to list an office to finish your household goods request.  Click on the Coast Guard D13 Office, which will then direct your request into the queue within the system.  The D13 office will need a copy of your signed orders so they may finish your request.  It will then be submitted to FISC Bremerton or JPPSO Ft. Lewis for arrangements with a local moving company.

  2. You may also visit the PSSU Seattle Transportation office located in Bldg 1, third floor, room 320.  They offer counseling on a daily basis, but please call ahead and make an appointment. 

  3. You may also use the Navy’s ”Smartweb” system to book your arrangements for shipping household goods.  The only problem with using Smartweb is that the Coast Guard will not have access to your request.  You will only be able to work with the Navy Transportation Office in Bremerton or Everett.  We do not have access to the Smartweb system and the Navy cannot grant us access.

NOTE: Overseas moves are extremely complex in their entitlements and therefore members will be counseled on an individual basis for this type of move.

Storage of Personal Property

Storage in Transit (SIT)
Temporary -- Temporary storage may be authorized at origin, or at destination.  This type of storage is in connection with the shipment.  You must designate a city and a state and take delivery.  You are authorized 90 days temporary storage.  If you need additional storage time, you must request an extension from the destination transportation office.  Civilians are entitled to 90 days temporary storage only.  Once the authorized temporary storage period expires, you must bear the cost of further storage and make payment directly to the storage company.
: If your entitlement to property stored at government expense expires and the shipment is turned over to a commercial storage account; storage charges are the responsibility of the member.

Non-Temporary Storage (NTS)
NTS is long-term storage that can be stored anywhere between 6 to 36 months.  It is usually authorized in specific cases (ARDUOUS DUTY, "A"-SCHOOLS, OVERSEAS DUTY, or OTHER DESERVING CASES).  Great care should be taken in separating items to be shipped and stored because once in storage, it is not easy to retrieve them.  Service members may need to request an extension of their non-temp storage if their rotation date back to the States changes and more time is needed.  Failure to do this may result in the service member having to pay storage fees.  When it comes time to have your NTS delivered, you will need to fill out a form "REQUEST FOR RELEASE OF NON-TEMPORARY STORAGE.”  This request may either be processed through the transportation office that did the non-temp storage paperwork or your current Transportation Office.  To prevent excess costs, the total weight of your property shipped and stored should not exceed your authorized weight allowance.
: Remember that it is the member's responsibility to notify the Transportation Office of any change in orders or other information affecting the member's entitlement to ship or store his/her household goods.

Self-Procured Move (SPM)
The SPM Move Program is designed to allow YOU to move your own household goods and receive a monetary incentive payment of up to 95% of what it would cost the government to move you.

Authorized Vehicles
There are no longer restrictions on the type of vehicle used.

Documentation Needed to File an SPM Claim

All the above forms (signed by the member)

Weight Tickets (certified by a weight master) 1 Empty, 1 Full.

Where to Mail SPM Claim

        Commanding Officer
Coast Guard Finance Center
ATTN: DITY Move Desk
PO Box 4102
Chesapeake, VA 23327-4102

Compare information on Navy transportation web site for SPM moves (

All moves are now covered with Full Replacement Value, which means if the carrier ruins any of your HHG's, they will be responsible for full replacement.  Claims will be made directly to the carrier, and must be made within 75 days of the delivery of your HHG's and must be made on form 1840 (R) or (Pink Copy).

Shipment of Privately Owned Vehicle (POV)
You are entitled to ship one POV to, from or between places overseas, or upon official change of homeport of a vessel to which you are assigned (with the exception of Alaska).  The Transportation office will determine your entitlement based on your PCS orders. The Military Traffic Command has vehicle processing centers in specific locations for debarkation/embarkation in the United States and overseas.

See your local Transportation Office for further assistance.

You will need to have 5 copies of the following documents when you deliver your vehicle to the Vehicle Processing Center (VPC): 5 Copies of your orders; your military ID Card, your valid Driver's License; your Vehicle Registration, and 5 copies of your proof of insurance.

For the Seattle area, our vehicle processing information is listed below:

302 Ross Way
Tacoma, WA 98042
Phone (800) 597-1833 OR (253) 272-1712
FAX (253)272-2375
Hours: M-F 0800-1700

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