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Commanding Officer
Ediz Hook Road
Port Angeles, WA
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Air Station / Sector Field Office (SFO)      Port Angeles, WA

Ediz Hook Road
Port Angeles, WA  98362-2201

Burial at Sea Requests

All burials at sea conducted within the Thirteenth Coast Guard District are limited to the scattering of cremains (cremated remains) only.  Local assistance can be given by your local Coast Guard station or by calling AIRSTA/SFO Port Angeles at (360) 417-5805.  You may also fax a request to (360) 417-5956 and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

Burials at sea are conducted as operations and weather permit.  If you have a specific date requested, please understand the need to be flexible.  There may be opportunity for next of kin to accompany the Coast Guard during the burial but this is highly dependent on weather and availability of resources.

To request burial at sea call 360-417-5805 or use the form USCG Worksheet 1779 and email to: or mail to Commanding Officer, USCG AIRSTA/SFO, Ediz Hook Road, Port Angeles, WA 98362-2201.

Items You Will Need To Provide:

  1. Photocopy of military retirement or honorable discharge papers (DD-214) of the deceased and,
  2. Marriage Certificate (for deceased spouse) or,
  3. Birth Certificate (if deceased is a child of military member) and,
  4. Photocopy of the Death Certificate and,
  5. Burial Transit Form (accompanies the cremains from funeral home) and,
  6. A note or letter giving permission for the Coast Guard to perform the burial-at sea.

Burials At Sea of Cremains is Only Authorized for The Following:

  1. Active duty personnel of all U. S. Armed Forces, Coast Guard Auxiliary members, and United States Public Health.
  2. Honorably discharged Veterans when so requested in writing by next of kin.
  3. Retired members of the Armed Forces.
  4. Blood relatives and wives of those members listed above.
  5. Any U. S. Citizen with the exception of convicted felons and veterans who do not have either an honorable or under honorable conditions (general) discharge.


  • Military Casualties and Decedent Affairs Manual COMDTINST M1770.9
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