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Security Levels

Commander, USCG Sector Puget Sound
1519 Alaskan Way South
Seattle, WA 98134

Business Number:

24 Hour Emergency Response: 206-217-6001

Family Information

Sector Puget Sound


Sector Puget Sound Families Seattle, WA
Sector Ombudsman Stephanie Krauss

Welcome to the Sector Puget Sound Family Pages, your source for all things Coast Guard Family. Sector Ombudsman, Stephanie Krauss was appointed Ombudsman on June 17, 2013 by CAPT Scott Ferguson. Her goal is to be a one-stop shop for family resources. You can follow her on the CG Families blog and stay up to date on everything you need to know for your Coast Guard family.

Resources for Families

 Introduction to CG SUPRT by Kristin Cox



Have you ever felt like you’d like someone to talk with that is there JUST for you? Have you ever been overwhelmed with little stressors that build up? Do you have questions about how to best address a situation you or your family are facing? Does coping with financial difficulties or those post-holiday bills frustrate you? Then maybe CG SUPRT can help!

The CG SUPRT Program helps you resolve personal problems and life challenges before they negatively affect your health, relationships with others, or job performance. You can the program 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by calling one toll-free number.

The CG SUPRT Program provides FREE, confidential professional counseling, education, and referral services to you and your family members.

CG SUPRT professionals can help you with a variety of issues:

In addition, CG SUPRT offers services that help you balance work with family and life events such as:

All of this is available through the CG SUPRT toll-free number: 855-CGSUPRT. The CG SUPRT website is also jam-packed with helpful information, including articles, questionnaires, webinars and resources. The website is available at If you have any questions or concerns about the CG SUPRT program please don’t hesitate to call one of your EAP Coordinators, Ms. Shirley Dujardin 206-217-6608 or Ms. Kristin Cox 206-217-6607

Fun things to do in Puget Sound

Looking for something to do this weekend with the family at an affordable price? Check out the Military Merits at

This site offers great discounts from around the Puget Sound and beyond and only to military members and their families. There is discount information for the following items:

You can order your discounts by phone and they will send them to you. They also have a TRIPS and TOURS section if you are looking for a fun adventure for the family.

Follow the District Blog

Follow the Coast Guard Family Association of Puget Sound blog for Coast Guard District 13 information at CGFA Logo


Last Modified 1/12/2016