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Sector Columbia River
2185 SE 12th Place Warrenton, OR 97146


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Sector Columbia River

Protecting the Pacific Northwest

Coast Guard Housing

Housing Office: (503) 325-0204
Fax: (503) 325-1977


Welcome Aboard Information Package

(Updated March 2015) Sector Columbia River Housing Office is here to assist you with your housing needs. Current services include: Assignment and Termination of government-owned and leased housing, assistance in finding local rentals, lease reviews, Tenant/Landlord assistance, home buying counseling, housing complaint review and investigation when necessary and information on the local community.

Considering roughly 2,000 military personnel are assigned to Sector Columbia River's Military Housing Area (MHA), and with only 151 Family Housing Units available, there simply isn't enough Housing to go around.

CG Housing is REQUIRED for all Coast Guard members reporting to commands with in Sector Columbia River's MHA. 

All arriving members MUST complete and submit an Application for Assignment to Military Housing (CG-5267) to the Sector Columbia River Housing Office and provide the following:

  1. A copy of your BAH Dependency/Emergency Data Sheet (CG-4170).
  2. A copy of your PCS Travel Orders to the local Housing Office prior to your arrival.
  3. If you desire to reside on the economy please see below for waiver instructions.

Once your application for housing has been processed, your name will be given a control date corresponding to your arrival date and be placed on the waiting list.  The average wait time for housing is 1 month; however, the waiting list is constantly changing (For example: others on list seek release from housing, unforeseen early transfers or separations, etc...).  To assist in smoother housing assignments please provide your exact arrival date as soon as possible. 

Any member desiring to reside on the economy must complete and submit a Application for Assignment to Military Housing (CG-5267) to the Sector Columbia River Housing Office.  Once your request for release has been received the housing officer will attempt to issue a release as soon as possible.  You must receive a DD FORM 1747 before you can rent or purchase a house in the local economy.

If you are an E-7 or above you are highly discouraged from requesting to reside in Coast Guard Housing.  As stated above, there isn't enough housing.  It is nearly impossible for E-6 and below to find affordable housing in the greater Astoria area.  There are, however, a plethora of homes for rent in the E-7 and above BAH range.  Please demonstrate thoughtful leadership as you transition to the Astoria area.  By order of the Commanding Officer of Sector Columbia River, any E-7 or above shall speak with the Command Master Chief at Sector Columbia River before you can complete your request to live in Coast Guard Housing.  The housing office will gladly provide information on current rental and home listings. 

All forms, required information, and general questions may be submitted to the Sector Columbia River Housing Office via mail, fax, or email.

200 West Klaskanine Blvd, Astoria OR 97103
Office Ph# 503-325-0204 Fax: 503-325-1977 or

Astoria Area Housing on the Economy

BAH rates in the local area (zip code 97103) range from $ 993.00  (for an E-3 w dependents) to $1383.00 (for an E-7 w/ dependents).  Visit the PSC BAH Rates table for all specific rates.  Sector Columbia River is located at the Astoria Regional airport on the southern bank of the Columbia River.  The popular housing areas include Astoria, Warrenton, Hammond, Gearhart and Seaside.


The Commanding Officer/Local Housing Authority (LHA) for Sector Columbia River has directed the Local Housing Officer (LHO) for Sector Columbia River's housing, in accordance with all applicable policies and directives, to oversee the local housing program as well as manage the Astoria housing site.  Sector Columbia River's housing area is comprised of the following commands:

  • Sector Columbia RiverSector Columbia River Housing Area
  • MSU Portland
  • Station Cape Disappointment
  • Station Grays Harbor
  • Station Tillamook Bay
  • Station Portland
  • ANT Astoria
  • ANT Kennewick
  • National Motor Life Boat School
  • Electronic Support Detachment Astoria

    Sector Columbia River housing area

Sector Columbia River's Commanding Officer has assigned CO's/OINC's of MSU Portland, Small Boat Stations, and ANT Kennewick control of the daily operation and maintenance of their respective Housing Areas. There are six Family Housing Sites within the Sector LHA, each slightly different:

  • Triumph Housing (Astoria)
    Our Coast Guard neighborhood is within walking distance of Astoria High School and  Astoria Middle School.  There is a fenced-in grass children's play area, and for older children there is a fenced-in rubberized mulch playground with assorted equipment including a swing set near the Housing Office.
    • Comprised of predominantly Enlisted Personnel E6 and below.Housing 1234 Alameda
    • Housing Office located at:
      • 200 West Klaskanine Blvd, Astoria OR 97103
      • Office Ph# 503-325-0204
    • 102 Family Housing Duplexes and Triplexes are located within the Astoria City limits:
      • 2, 3 and 4 Bedroom Layouts
      • (6) 3 bedroom ADA/Handicapped Units are available
      • All have attached one car garages
    • 23 Leased housing units for E-4 and below personnel.
    • Our Coast Guard neighborhood is within walking distance of Astoria High School and Astoria Middle School.
    • There are two playgrounds available for children.
    • Personnel stationed in the Astoria area (Sector Columbia River, CGC ALERT, CGC STEADFAST, CGC FIR, ANT/ESD Astoria or Station Cape Disappointment, including the National Motor Life Boat School) may live in Triumph housing.
    • 12 brand new housing units are under construction in Triumph Housing.  These units are expected to be available for the 2016 transfer season.

  • Station Cape Disappointment Housing
    • 2 Permanent party single occupancy rooms.
    • 25 Family Housing Units.
    • 3 and 4 Bedroom layouts.
    • Split between Baker Bay Site and On-Base Housing Units.
    • Housing is for Station Cape Disappointment assigned personnel including the National Motor Life Boat School, and any Astoria units as well.

  • Station Grays Harbor Housing
    • 3 Permanent party double occupancy rooms.
    • 17 Family Housing Units.
    • 2, 3, and 4 Bedroom layouts.
    • Single-car garages.
    • Located in Westport, WA adjacent to Coast Guard Camping Area behind Grays Harbor Lighthouse.
    • Housing is for all Station personnel.
    • Contact your Sponsor or the unit for other local information.
    • There is a playground available for children.

  • Station Tillamook Bay Housing
    • 8 Permanent party double occupancy rooms.
    • 9 Family Housing Units.
    • 3 and 4 Bedroom Layouts.
    • Single-car garages.
    • Split between the Bay City Housing and On-Base Housing Units.
    • Housing is for all Station personnel.
    • Contact your Sponsor or the unit for other local information.


Station Phone Numbers and Zip Codes:

  • (503) 325-0204                   Triumph (Astoria) (97103)
  • (503) 338-8760                   Triumph After Hours Emergency
  • (503) 322-3531                   Tillamook/Garibaldi, OR (97118)
  • (360) 642-2382 Ext. 7          Ilwaco, WA (98624)
  • (360) 268-0121                    Westport, WA (98595)
  • (509) 586-1110                    Kennewick, WA (99336)
  • (503) 240-2550                    Portland, OR (97217)

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