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Sector Columbia River
2185 SE 12th Place Warrenton, OR 97146


Security Levels

Sector Columbia River

Protecting the Pacific Northwest

Response Department - Enforcement Division

The Enforcement Division serves to protects those on the sea by providing security to the Maritime Transportation System, improving safety of recreational boaters, and rescuing those in distress; and protects Americans from threats delivered by sea by enforcing laws and treaties, securing federally protected living marine resources, and ensuring the integrity of our maritime domain from illegal activity. 

Sector Columbia River Enforcement Division provides management, oversight and liaison for our multi-mission Stations Grays Harbor, Cape Disappointment, Tillamook Bay, and Portland.  These stations operate a variety of boats including  the 52 foot Motor Lifeboat, 47 foot Motor Lifeboat, and 25 foot Defender Class Response Boat in one of the world's harshest environments.  The three coastal stations at Westport WA, Ilwaco WA, and Garibaldi OR have surf capable assets and crews that are trained to perform in the treacherous river bars (entrances) of the Pacific Northwest.  Station missions include Search and Rescue, Living Marine Resources and Marine Safety related Law Enforcement, and Ports, Waterways, and Coastal Security. 

Another asset within the Enforcement Division is the Vessel Boarding and Security Team (VBST).  An estimated 40 million tons of cargo, valued at $23 billion, crosses the Columbia River Bar every year via 3600 annual ship transits.  The VBST's presence and visible operations deter threats and ensure mandated security practices are in place and fully functional on incoming vessels via approved security plans.  The VBST also works in conjunction with Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) to assess and respond to vessels with high risk crewmembers.    

Enforcement Division

Significant Operations/Missions:

         Buoy 10 Operations (August-September):  Recreational Boating Safety surge operation to educate and inform boaters participating in Columbia River recreational salmon season.  The Coast Guard Auxiliary in conjunction with CG Station Cape Disappointment, Clatsop County Sheriff’s Office, and Oregon State Police ensure the safety of thousands of boaters chasing salmon migrating to eastern breeding grounds.  CG presence and boater safety checks have ensured zero marine fatalities in the past year, and a 50 percent reduction in marine fatalities since 2001.

Columbia Cup Challenge/Tri-Cities Follies (July):  70 to 80,000 people attend the annual hydroplane races near Kennewick, Washington every year.  CG Station Portland and CG Auxiliary flotillas ensure recreational boating safety as well as the preservation of the commercial waterway.


Last Modified 1/12/2016