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Sector Columbia River
2185 SE 12th Place Warrenton, OR 97146


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Sector Columbia River

Protecting the Pacific Northwest

History of Air Station Astoria

Coast Guard History in the Columbia River Area

Coast Guard Air Station Astoria was established on 14 August 1964 at Tongue Point Naval Station with a crew of 22 officers and 104 enlisted men. Two single engine Sikorsky HH-52A Seaguard were operated from that location. These helicopters staged from the Port of Astoria Airport during periods of inclement weather. This was done until the Air Station was permanently moved to its present location at the airport on 25 February 1966. The HH-52A helicopters were replaced with three larger twin engine HH-3F Pelican helicopters in March 1973. Two HU-25A Falcon jet aircraft were assigned to the Air Station in October 1983 to enhance the law enforcement effort as well as contribute to Search and Rescue (SAR) and logistical missions.

The larger helicopters and the two additional jet aircraft required a larger facility. So a 4.8 million dollar construction and modification project began in 1982 and was completed in August 1984 resulting in a two-fold expansion on the hangar building. It also resulted in a new medical building and a new shop building. A third HU-25A Falcon was added in June 1988. Then in September 1987 the HH-3F Pelicans were replaced with 3 HH-65 Dolphins. In 1995 both the HU-25A Falcons and the HH-65 Dolphins were replaced by the HH-60J medium range recovery helicopters.

HH52A Seaguard photoHH3F Pelican photoHH60J Jayhawk photo


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