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Sector Columbia River
2185 SE 12th Place Warrenton, OR 97146


Security Levels

Sector Columbia River

Protecting the Pacific Northwest

Contingency Planning & Force Readiness


Contingency Planning Department

The Contingency Planning Department has staff at both the Sector Columbia River office in Warrenton, Oregon and the Marine Safety Unit in Portland, Oregon.  MSU Portland Planning 

HH60J formation over Astoria Column PhotoThe Contingency Planning Department is responsible for:

Area Maritime Security Committee

The Planning Department works in partnership with other agencies to manage the Area Maritime Security Committee (AMSC) chaired by the Coast Guard Captain of the Port.  The committee consists of selected representatives of the Captain of the Port Zone, Portland Port Stakeholders; Law Enforcement, Industry, Regulatory and Labor.  They meet quarterly or as circumstances warrant. 

What does the AMSC do? 

Point of Contact:  Dave Maresh, MSU Portland Port Security Planner (503) 240-9313

America's Waterways Watch Program

The America's Waterways Watch (AWW) Program is a Coast Guard sponsored maritime security awareness program designed for the public to be the 'eyes and ears' on the maritime water front and to report suspicious people to the proper authorities. 

You can go to the following web site for more information.

Continuity of Operations

The Contingency Planning Department works with other Coast Guard units, other government agencies and port partners on preparedness plans to address steps that may be necessary in the event of a disaster.  The goal of this planning is to reestablish critical services and response within the Captain of the Port zone. 

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) information on disaster planning.




Last Modified 1/12/2016