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Security Levels

Commanding Officer
Marine Safety Unit Portland
US Coast Guard
6767 N. Basin Ave.
Portland, OR 97217-3992
Tel: (503) 240-9310

MSU Portland

General Vessel Topics

Abandoned Vessels

How do I report an abandoned vessel?

Dead Ship Tows

What is a Dead Ship Tow?
When is a Dead Ship Tow Plan required?
How do I submit a Plan?

Laid-Up Vessels

What is a "Laid-up" vessel?
How do I

Naval Vessel Protection Zone

What is a Naval Vessel Protection Zone?
What is the fine for violating a Naval Vessel Protection Zone?
When are they enforced?

Permanently Moored Vessels;

What is a Permanently Moored Vessel?
How do I obtain Permanently Moored status for my vessel? (what do I have to do, who do I contact, how do I unmoor, etc.)

Last Modified 1/12/2016