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Patrol Order Management System User Information

This page contains notes and comments regarding the use of the Patrol Order Management System (POMS)

Date Posted Information
19 Feb 03 ------------------------------------------------------------
POMS Support: POMS System Status : POMS Admin/User Guide

Posted by Charles W. Statkus on Wednesday, February 19, 2003 - 07:14 am:

POMS Documentation on the web has been updated to contain the Version 10 updates.
Click on POMS Documents at:

We also added the individual chapters of the Admin/Users Guide as separate .PDF files to make it easer to get to specific information.

Eg, if you Issue orders and print orders, you can view and print the individual chapters for “Issue Orders” and “Print Orders”.

16 Feb 03 ------------------------------------------------------------
POMS Support: POMS System Status : POMS Version 10 Update

Posted by Charles W. Statkus on Sunday, February 16, 2003 - 03:40 pm:

POMS Version 10 Update includes the following changes:

POMS Help:
- POMS Documentation
- Contact Information
- Accounting Classification
Request & Issue Orders:
- Freeform Time Entry
- Radio Guard by Station
- Accounting Classification
- Patrol Class
- General Face Lift
Approve Reimbursement:
- Accounting Classification
  HTML Schedule:
- Radio Guard


POMS Help:
Users Guide and Individual Chapters (new) will be updated and available on the POMS Website after next weekend (24-FEB-03).

The POMS Help panel displays the name, phone number and email address of your primary point of contact for POMS help for your POMS Location.

POMS Location administrators set this contact via the Admin ID field at the ADMIN > UNIT panel.

System Administrator contacts will display for POMS Administrators, others will see the Location Help Contact set by the Location Administrators.

We activated the Accounting Classification allowing each location to build alternate account codes for reimbursement. If you enter an alternate account code via the Add/Delete button on the ADMIN > ACCOUNTING panel, you have to build a complete set of codes (fuel, auto & subsis) for the new classification.

The alternate account classification can be entered at the time of Requesting Patrols, Issuing Orders or Approving reimbursements.

Request & Issue Orders:
Freeform Time Entry, Radio Guard by Station and Patrol Class can be updated at the time of Requesting or Issuing Orders by using the "Add" selection of the drop down selectors.

HTML Schedule:
Radio Guard was added to the HTML Schedule under the Date/Time entry.

RADIO Guard and Freeform Time Entry was added to the appropriate locations on the 5132 generated by POMS.


POMS relies on AUXDATA for Facility Offer For Use validity.

AUXDATA does not remove or change status of any Aux Facility based on the last inspection date.

As long as a Facility is flagged as Operational in AUXDATA, POMS will accept the facility for patrol orders.

It is currently the responsibility of DIRAUX to insure that AUXDATA reflects the current status of each Aux Facility entered.

You need to verify Facility Offer For Use validity prior to issuing orders until you receive notification from DIRAUX that AUXDATA accurately reflects Facility status.

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