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13th Coast Guard District
915 Second Ave
Seattle, WA 98174
(800) 982-8813

Inclement Weather
(800) 982-8813 x7015

Public Education Resources

Children's Program Material

America's Boating Course Components

Listed below are the components of the District 13 Auxiliary version of the 2005 America's Boating Course. Double click on the filename to open the file or right click and 'save target as' to download a copy to your local computer.

File Name Size Type
NASBLA_Stds_kit.pdf 61KB pdf
Cover_letter_ABC_2005_Instr_CD_D13.pdf 41KB pdf
Curriculum_outline.pdf 64KB pdf
D_13_ABC_notes_Ch_7.doc 26010KB doc
D_13_ABC_notes_Ch_1.doc 27038KB doc
D_13_ABC_notes_Ch_5_(cont).doc 31688KB doc
D_13_ABC_notes_Ch_3_ATONs.doc 112312KB doc
D_13_ABC_notes_Ch_2.doc 20426KB doc
D_13_ABC_notes_Ch_6.doc 41602KB doc
D_13_ABC_notes_Ch_3_Rules.doc 21786KB doc
D_13_ABC_notes_Ch_4_&_5.doc 51473KB doc


ch_5_(cont)_d13_abc_OH_rev.ppt 1509KB ppt
ch_3_d13_abc_nav_rules_OH_rev.ppt 1305KB ppt
ch_1_d13_abc_OH_rev.ppt 1435KB ppt
ch_4_&_5_d13_abc_OH_rev.ppt 3517KB ppt
ch_2_d13_abc_OH_rev.ppt 1466KB ppt
ch_6_d13_abc_OH_rev.ppt 2230KB ppt
ch_3_d13_abc_ATONs_OH_rev.ppt 7467KB ppt
ch_7_d13_abc_OH_rev.ppt 924KB ppt
ch_3_d13_abc_nav_rules.ppt 1262KB ppt
ch_5_D_13_with_PFDs_slides.ppt 1557KB ppt
ch_4_&_5_d13_abc.ppt 3570KB ppt
ch_5_(cont)_d13_abc_with_tchg_kit.ppt 1663KB ppt
ch_7_d13_abc.ppt 1066KB ppt
ch_6_d13_abc.ppt 2282KB ppt
ch_2_d13_abc.ppt 1607KB ppt
ch_3_d13_abc_ATONs.ppt 7809KB ppt
ch_1_d13_abc.ppt 1722KB ppt
Lesson_Plan_hr_1_Intro_Ch_1.pdf 30KB pdf
Lesson_Plan_hr_7_Ch_6.pdf 36KB pdf
Lesson_Plan_hr_4_Ch_3_ATONs.pdf 37KB pdf
Lesson_Plan_hr_2_Ch_2_(con't).pdf 37KB pdf
Lesson_Plan_hr_1_Ch_1_&_2_pg_2.pdf 29KB pdf
Lesson_Plan_hr_5_Ch_4_&_5.pdf 37KB pdf
Lesson_Plan_hr_8_Ch_7.pdf 35KB pdf
Lesson_Plan_hr_3_Ch_3_Nav.pdf 36KB pdf
Lesson_Plan_hr_6_Ch_5.pdf 41KB pdf


Atons_range_mkrs.pdf 25KB pdf
bagboats.pdf 24KB pdf
Reg_number.pdf 25KB pdf
felt_board.pdf 28KB pdf
Scenarios.pdf 29KB pdf
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