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ODU Wear by Auxiliary Members

Latest information on ODU Wear by Auxiliarists

For all - the following announcement is issued by the Chief Director of Auxiliary regarding ODU wear by Auxiliarists - please expect appropriate adjustment to be reflected in Change 1 to the Auxiliary Manual next year


1 - In April 2004, the Chief Director of Auxiliary issued notice that Operational Dress Uniforms (ODUs) were not authorized to be worn by Coast Guard Auxiliarists until the Coast Guard's Office of Military Personnel/Policy and Standards Division's ODU roll-out plan was completed.  This plan called for phased ordering of ODUs from the Coast Guard Uniform Distribution Center (UDC) by active duty and Reserve personnel through 2004.  It was anticipated that Auxiliarists would be able to start submitting ODU orders to UDC (or purchase ODU items at Coast Guard exchanges) by January 2005.  

2 - Recent developments indicate that UDC will not be able to process/fill ODU orders from Auxiliarists until at least April 2005. 

3 - Alternative ODU sources may therefore be utilized by Auxiliarists who desire to obtain ODUs.  Auxiliarists may find more information about doing so through their Personnel Services network.

4 - Please bear in mind that although use of alternative uniform sources instead of Coast Guard stock points is authorized in the Auxiliary Manual, Auxiliarists must still beware that such uniform products may not meet all CG uniform specifications and standards.  Auxiliarists are therefore strongly encouraged to wait until ODU orders can be accommodated by UDC and Coast Guard exchanges later next spring.  Additionally, Coast Guard working blue uniform items will remain authorized for Auxiliarists, and they  will soon be available through UDC at substantially lower prices to help reduce stock levels as they are phased out for active duty and Reserve personnel.   


Steve Minutolo
Commandant (G-OCX-1)
Chief, Administration and Policy
2100 Second Street S.W.
Washington D.C. 20593-0001
(202) 267-6421

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