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Security Levels

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Security Levels

AUXDATA/AUXINFO Training Resources

Changes to Security for AUXDATA Access (Oct 2004):

Several new AUXDATA security procedures are being put into place effective 10/2004.

Required to Change Password

All users will be required to change their passwords every 90 days. From the date the new procedures are established, all users will be required to change their password in 90 days. At 15 days prior to that deadline, users will be notified, by a pop up, that a password change is required in 15 days.

Requirements for New Passwords

All new individual passwords must be at least 8 characters long. These passwords must contain at least one letter. It also must contain at least one of three special characters ( _ $ # ), and at least one numeral, none of which may be the first character.

New Initial Password

The new initial password for new users, instead of USERNAME_1, will be AUXUSERNAME_1. Whenever a password is reset, this new initial password will be used.

Locked Accounts

User accounts will be locked for one of two reasons. After three unsuccessful logon attempts, the account will be locked for 1 hour. If the user password has been forgotten, members should contact their SO-IS, DSO-IS to have one of the User Administrators reset their password. After 90 days of non-use, the account will be locked. Members will be required to notify their SO-IS, DSO-IS to have one of the User Administrators unlock the account.

Password Change on First Logon

All new users, and users who have their password reset, will be required to change their passwords on the first logon. Losing Access. After 180 days of inactivity, the account will be deleted. To regain access, members so effected must apply through their SO-IS, DSO-IS to have a new account established.




Adobe PDF files

AUXDATA User Guide 01/14/03 version  |  AUXDATA User Guide 02/05/03 version


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