Reports on U.S. commercial fishing vessel accidents after 1990

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Reports dating back to 1950 are available on the Internet for review

The Coast Guard maintains an Internet site that contains a variety of Marine Board of Investigation reports that pertain to the fishing industry. This is list of available reports that can be accessed on the Internet at

The site includes recent and historical cased dating back to April, 1950 for the Fishing Vessel Four sisters, which lost a crew of 10 near Nantucket Shoals. 

While this is list does not include every maritime incident, it does provide an historical context for similar incidents occurring today.

 A chronological listing is also available on the Internet at

Some of the included cases are not fishing vessels, but were included because of they were of a high profile nature and the availability of the report. They include pax in the description to indicate that they were passenger for hire vessels.


Lives lost


Pok Lin J 5 lost (1 confirmed, 4 presumed) Mar 1999, Bering Sea
Cape Fear 2 lost 1999 Southwest of Cuttyhunk, Massachusetts
Beth Dee Bob 4 lost 1999 East of Manasquan, New Jersey
Adriatic 4 lost 1999 East of Barnegat Light, New Jersey
Linda E 3 lost 1998, near Port Washington, WI on Lake Michigan
Pacesetter 7 presumed lost Jan 1996, Bering Sea
Northwest Mariner 6 (2 confirmed, 4 presumed) Jan 1995, Bering Sea
Vil Vana 7 lost Apr 1993, Santa Barbara Channel
Nettie H 5 presumed lost Sep 1993, Bering Sea
St. George 6 presumed lost Jan 1992, Bering Sea
Lucky Lee 6 lost (5 confirmed, 1 presumed) Aug 1992, Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Andrew
Atlantis 5 presumed lost Oct 1992, North Atlantic
Andrea Gail 6 presumed lost 1991, Off New England -- "Perfect Storm"

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