Reports on U.S. commercial fishing vessel accidents from 1950-1990

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Reports dating back to 1950 are available on the Internet for review

The Coast Guard maintains an Internet site that contains a variety of Marine Board of Investigation reports that pertain to the fishing industry. This is list of available reports that can be accessed on the Internet at

As indicated in the table to the right, the site contains information dating back to April, 1950 for the Fishing Vessel Four sisters, which lost a crew of 10 near Nantucket Shoals. 

While this is list does not include every maritime incident, it does provide an historical context for similar incidents occurring today.

 A chronological listing is also available on the Internet at

Some of the included cases are not fishing vessels, but were included because of they were of a high profile nature and the availability of the report. They include pax in the description to indicate that they were passenger for hire vessels.


Lives lost


Aleutian Enterprise 9 presumed dead 1990, Bering Sea
Fish-N-Fool 2 dead and 8 more presumed dead, Fishing Charter/Pax for hire 1987, Off Isla de San Martin, Mexico, 
Merry Jane 8 dead, one presumed dead (9 total) Fishing Charter/Pax for hire 1986, Bodega Bay
Americus and Alatiar 14 presumed lost, 7 from each vessel 1983, Bering Sea
Fenwick Island 7 lost 1968, off Cape Lookout North Carolina
Jane (vs merchant vsl) 2 (of 5) presumed dead 1959, Strait of Juan de Fuca
Keturah (vs. drilling platform) Estimate 9 lost 1957, Gulf of Mexico (Hurricane Audrey, USCGC Cahocne witness)
Western Explorer 5 lost (three drown, two presumed) 1956, Off Mexico (Pacific)
Santa Maria 3 lost 1955, Puget Sound (vs. Navy LST)
Doris Gertrude 11 presumed lost 1955, New England
Redstart 11 presumed lost 1954, New England (Hurricane Carole)
Sun Voyager 2 (of 14) lost 1954, Galapagos (from San Diego)
Anna C Perry 6 presumed lost 1952, New England
Paolina 7 presumed dead 1952, New England
Mary M 5 (of 6) dead 1951, New England
Penguin 6 presumed dead 1951, New England
Gudrun 15 presumed dead 1951, New England (Perfect Storm Scenario)
Theresa A 12 lost 1950, New England
Four Sisters 10 lost 1950, New England
Signal Hill 4 lost -  had pax for hire 1950, California

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