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Security Levels


The Turn Point Special Operating Area (SOA) has been established to enhance order and predictability, the efficient and safe movement of goods and services, and to further reduce the risk of accidents with respect to vessels transiting the boundary waters of Haro Strait and Boundary Passage in the vicinity of Turn Point on Stuart Island, Washington.

The Turn Point SOA consists of those Canadian and United States waters contained within a four (4) sided area connected by the following coordinates:

48 41.324 N 123 14.245 W (Turn Point Light, LL255/US 19790);

48 42.400 N 123 13.967 W;

48 41.087 N 123 17.631 W (Arachne Reef Light, LL254.3);

48 39.732 N 123 16.438 W (Tom Point Light, LL225).


These procedures apply to all Canadian and United States VTS participant vessels within or approaching the Turn Point SOA from Boundary Passage, southbound for Haro Strait; and from Haro Strait, northbound for Boundary Passage or Swanson Channel, however, they do not apply to vessels southbound out of Swanson Channel.


  1. A VTS participant, if towing astern, do so with as short a hawser as safety and good seamanship permits.
  2. A VTS participant of 100 metres or more in length (LOA) will make best efforts consistent with safety and industry practices:

1. not to enter the Turn Point SOA when another VTS participant of 100 metres or more in length is already located within the SOA, unless;

  1. when following astern a minimum .5NM (5 cables) separation is maintained with the vessel ahead,
  2. when overtaking in the SOA with the concurrence of MCTS Victoria that there is no opposing traffic and a CPA of at least .5NM (5 cables) is maintained,
  3. if outbound from Boundary Pass and meeting an inbound vessel from Haro Strait already in the SOA, enter only after the outbound vessel is past the vector heading of the inbound vessel engaged in the turn and maintain at least a .5NM (5 cables) CPA,
  4. if inbound from Haro Strait and meeting an outbound vessel from Boundary Pass already in the SOA, enter only after the outbound vessel has crossed a bearing line between Turn Point and Arachne Reef and maintain at least a .5NM (5 cables) CPA;

2. maintain a distance off of Turn Point of at least .3 NM (3 cables).

All VTS participants approaching the Turn Point SOA are expected to make safe passing arrangements with other VTS participants at either Monarch Head or Blunden Islet southbound; and Lime Kiln Light (LL222/US19695) or Kellett Bluff Light (LL229/US19720) northbound. These arrangements should be made no later than reaching CIP 6 at Gowlland Point (LL253/US19800) southbound and approximately abeam Danger Shoal Light and Horn Buoy (US19775) northbound.

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Last Modified 1/12/2016