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Security Levels

13th Coast Guard District
915 Second Ave
Seattle, WA 98174
(800) 982-8813

Inclement Weather
(800) 982-8813 x7015


Security Levels

Purpose and Objective

Canada/United States Co-cooperative Vessel Traffic System Agreement

In 1979 by formal agreement, the Canadian and the United States Coast Guards established the Co-operative Vessel Traffic System (CVTS) for the Strait of Juan de Fuca region. The purpose of the CVTS is to provide for the safe and efficient movement of vessel traffic while minimizing the risk of pollution by preventing collisions and groundings and the environmental damage that would follow. As part of the Agreement, Prince Rupert Traffic provides VTS for the offshore approaches to the Juan de Fuca Strait and along the Washington State coastline from 48 degrees north. Seattle Traffic provides VTS for both the Canadian and US waters of Juan de Fuca Strait and Victoria Traffic provides VTS for both Canadian and US waters of Haro Strait, Boundary Passage, and the lower Georgia Straits.


Last Modified 1/12/2016