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Plank Owner's

The Plank Owner's

CGC Terrapin (WPB-87366)

By ancient tradition, the first crew of a ship is known as the "plank owning" crew.  This dates from the time of wooden sail ships when the name of the maiden crew was inscribed onto a plank in the ship's structure.  Historically, a plank owner or his widow could petition the Naval Historical Center's Curator Branch when the ship was decommissioled and receive a piece of the deck; this does not apply to modern ships with metal decks, however.  Sailors who are plank owner's at their current command often have the word "PLANKOWNER" embroidered on the back of their uniform ball cap to denote this designation.  Meet the plank owner's of the Coast Guard's newest 87 foot cutter. CO Commanding Officer

LTJG Glauner
BM1 Love MKC Fitzpatrick BM3 Quintana
FSO Asst. EPO Engineering
FSO AEPO Fireman
FS2 Walker MK2 West FNMK Johnson
Deck Deprtment Deck Deprtment Engineering
Seaman Seaman Fireman
SA Powell FL Siciak

Plank Owner's Route to Homeport

Map of North America

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