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Reporting Aboard

Congratulations on your orders to CGC FIR! Your assignment here is certain to be an exciting and rewarding part of your Coast Guard career.

FIR is responsible for servicing roughly 150 buoys along the Washington and Oregon coasts. Our other routine missions are Law Enforcement and Search and Rescue

FIR's home port is Base Tongue Point on the Columbia River in Astoria, OR. Our address is CGC FIR (WLB 213), C/O Base Tongue Point, Astoria, OR 97103. Our Phone number is 503-325-1601. The best time to contact us is weekdays between 0700 and 1600 local standard time. In case FIR is underway please contact the cutter cellphone at 503-791-6015.

Contact YN2 Plunkett at your earliest opportunity to establish a firm reporting time and date. Operational Dress Uniform (ODU) is the uniform for reporting aboard.

If you have not been assigned a sponsor you should be assigned one shortly.

FIR's ombudsman is Anna Hoover. She is available via e-mail (igloosister(at) or phone (360.761.9598). She is a great point of contact for information about life on FIR and in beautiful northwest Oregon. You may obtain additional information on Coast Guard Assistance Programs through Base Seattle at 1-206-217-6615.

Your servicing personnel office is Sector Columbia River. Their office hours are weekdays between 0800 and 1600 local standard time. Your servicing personnel office YN is YN2 Jennifer Lanham. She can be reached at 503-861-6187.

Sector Columbia River has government housing (both leased and CG- owned). Ensure you contact the Sector Columbia River Housing Officer at 503-861-6193 to discuss your housing options. Release from Government housing may be given on a case-by-case basis, but we will be unable to start bah for you without a written release from Sector Columbia River.

We look forward to your arrival. Welcome aboard!

Last Modified 7/2/2013