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Welcome Aboard Station Golden Gate


Welcom from the Crew! 


Station Golden Gate is a unit with a wide variety of responsibilities and makes for an exciting career.

When you receive your orders a sponsor will be assigned to you. It is important that you speak to him/her prior to your arrival as they will help with your move and answer specific questions you may have about the unit or the Bay Area. Also ensure you discuss Golden Gate Bridge operations this unit performs to adequately prepare yourself.



Personnel (single or with dependents) may be required to apply for government housing. Housing is provided at Hamilton Field in Novato, California, approximately 25 minutes from the Station. You will need to consult with your sponsor to determine your status and requirements. Information on Novato Housing can be obtained by visiting the ISC Alameda website.

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Local Information

The Bay Area is a culturally and geographically diverse area.  Home to more than seven million people, it is composed of cities, towns, military bases, airports and many state and federal parks.  The area near the Pacific Ocean is generally characterized by small temperature variations with mild summers and winters.

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The following links are provided as guides to local resources:

General Information:

Inside Bay Area
Craig's List
City Search San Francisco

Professional Sports:

San Francisco Giants
Oakland Athletics
San Francisco 49ers
Oakland Raiders
Golden State Warriors
San Jose Sharks


San Francisco State University
Univeristy of California: Berkeley
College of San Mateo
College of Marin
Skyline College
University of Phoenix


California State Parks
Golden Gate National Recreation Area
ISC Alameda MWR
Travis AFB Space Available Flights


Last Modified 1/12/2016