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Departmental Organization

Coast Guard Station San Francisco's command is divided into two departments: the Deck and Engineering departments. The Deck department will encompass all Boatswain's Mates, Seamen, and Seaman Apprentices. The Deck department is head by the senior Boatswain's Mate who is appointed by the Executive Petty Officer. The Engineering Department consists of all Machinery Technicians, Firemen, and Fireman Apprentices. The senior Machinery Technician is appointed by the Executive Petty Officer as the head of the department.

Collateral Duties

Collateral duties are jobs required of the unit in addition to its primary missions. Collateral Duties are assigned to personnel who have the attitude, interest, or experience necessary for the job.

Operations Officer

The Operations Officer is responsible for maintaining all SAR Files, Notices to Mariners, Chart Corrections, logs, and general message traffic. He also supervises and assists the Law Enforcement and Weapons Petty Officers in completing their tasks. They will work with the Officer in Charge and Executive Petty Officer in scheduling unit personnel and resources for marine events and educational oppurtunities.

First Lieutenant

The First Lieutenant is responsible for organizing all routine boat maintenance, equipment inspections, yard availability, and deck supplies for the unit's fleet of small boats.

Master at Arms

The duties of the Master at Arms include ensuring the overall cleanliness and material condition of all Station living quarters, grounds, and structures. The Master at Arms also supervises the completion of special projects for station renovation and modernization.

Supply Officer

Some of the Supply Officer's duties include but are not limited to: budgeting, supervising all supply administration, and approve all expenditures.

Training Officer

The Training Officer will be responsible for laying out a short range training plan allowing sufficient time for instructors to prepare along with a long range training plan to give alloted time for training that only occurs monthly, quarterly, or even annually.

Weapons Petty Officer

The Weapons Petty Officer is responsible for the condition, administration, and accountability of all weapons, ammunition, and pyrotechnics assigned to the unit.

Law Enforcement Petty Officer

The Law Enforcement Petty Officer is responsible for administration and coordination of all law enforcement activities. He also has established liaison with other law enforcement agencies. The Training Officer is assisted by the Law Enforcement Petty Officer with law enforcement related topics.

Hazard Materials Coordinator

The HazMat Coordinator is tasked with maintaining the Master Material Safety Data Sheet Index as well as monitoring training and the Hazardous Communications Program. He inspects and monitors the storage and removal of hazardous materials in accordance with commandant policy.

Rescue and Survival Systems Petty Officer

The Rescue and Survival Systems Petty Officer is responsible for maintaing the units Personnel Protective Equipment and Survival Equipment program. This includes conducting and recording maintenance, repairs and training on all Protective and Survival Equipment.
Last Modified 1/12/2016