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Security Levels

Coast Guard Sector Humboldt Bay is responsible for Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Marine Safety, Marine Environmental Protection and other missions along 250 miles of the Northern California coastline.  When able, we also enjoy providing Coast Guard representation and services to our local community.  In order to accommodate these services, we require 30-day notice.                                                                        

Tours:  To facilitate tour groups, while not impacting Coast Guard operations, Air Station tours will be provided the first Saturday or Wednesday of the month.

Flight Demonstrations/Fly-overs:  Requests for flight demonstrations and/or fly-overs require a signed formal written request on official letterhead postmarked a minimum of 30 days prior to the requested event.  Flight requests should be addressed to:

Commanding Officer
U.S. Coast Guard
Sector Humboldt Bay
1001 Lycoming Way
McKinleyville, CA 95519
Attn: Flight Schedules Officer

Public Services Request Form


Last Modified 1/12/2016