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Security Levels


(January 19, 2007) HALIBUT and  Sector LA/LB boarding team conduct port security in Long Beach

HALIBUT is an 87' patrol boat homeported in sunny Marina Del Rey, California. Our primary missions are Search and Rescue, Maritime Law Enforcement, and Homeland Security

Search and Rescue: One of the most important primary missions of the 87' WPB is Search and Rescue (SAR). This mission requires the cutter to:

  • Monitor, transmit, and receive distress communications and provide alerting/positioning capability.
  • Search for and identify vessels and people in distress day or night.
  • Render assistance by recovering people in the water, fighting fires, dewatering, and towing vessels.
  • Act as an On Scene Commander and communicate and operate with other Coast Guard/federal agency vessels, aircraft, and shore units involved in the mission.

Maritime Law Enforcement: The 87' WPB's primary mission is to conduct general law enforcement operations independently or in conjunction with other forces. These law enforcement operations include patrols of fixed geographic areas including barrier, coastal, and inshore harbors. The missions may range from a search and rescue-type case involving encounters with migrants on rafts or inner tubes, to boarding and escorting seagoing vessels. Other missions may include assisting other agencies and/or escorting seized vessels for larger cutters.

Examples of Maritime Law Enforcement include:

  • Alien Migrant Interdiction Operations
  • Boating-While-Intoxicated Enforcement
  • Recreational and Commercial Marine Safety
  • Pollution Prevention and Violation Enforcement
  • Protection of Marine Sanctuaries

Homeland Security: The contributions to Port Safety and Security mission requires the 87' WPB to enforce safety and security zones decreed by the Captain of the Port. This may include:

  • Conducting inshore and coastal patrols to detect, investigate, and maintain surveillance of suspicious vessels.
  • Enforcing limited access to areas that may require maneuvering in close proximity to other vessels and operation in shallow areas and channel boundaries.
  • Boarding vessels in order to verify compliance with port safety/security directives and publications.
  • Monitoring, assisting, and fighting marine fires with onboard fire fighting equipment.

Environmental Protection: This mission includes responding to pollution incidents of illegal discharges of oil, noxious liquid substances, plastics, and trash. The 87' WPB crew may conduct law enforcement boardings to check for compliance with pollution prevention laws and treaties. The crew must assess the magnitude of the incident and judge weather environmental factors such as wind and sea conditions will further contaminate the area or spread the pollution. The 87' WPB may also be involved in containment and cleanup operations. This may include towing a containment boom or skimming equipment, provided by another unit, under the supervision of a Coast Guard response team.

Public Affairs: Due to HALIBUT's close proximity to the largest U.S. Port (Los Angeles/Long Beach) and the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, public affairs is another mission the crew conducts. Public affairs can range from a harbor tour for a Senator to filming for a feature film.

Training: To stay at peak operational capability, HALIBUT continually trains. The crew trains to stay proficient at navigation, seamanship, engineering, damage control, battle stations, communications, enforcement of laws and treaties, search and rescue, and medical emergencies.


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