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Security Levels

Cutter Missions

    USCGC HADDOCK is the forty-seventh vessel of the Marine Protector Class of the Coast Guard Patrol Boats.  Built in 2002, by Bollinger Shipyards Inc. of Lockport, Louisiana, this vessel employs the latest technological advances in navigation and marine technology.  A full integrated electronics suite coordinates RADAR, satellite navigation, gyrocomass, autopilot and computer generated charts to form a compact but user friendly command and control system for all of the ship's missions.  A unique stern launch system is employed to deploy the small boat.  This new system is vastly superior in safety, speed and manning requirments.  Even inclement weather, the small boat can be safely launched and recovered with minimal crew on deck.  The engine room incorporates electronic control and monitoring systems with video readouts that can be monitored fromthe engine room or the bridge.  Due to multiple two person staterooms, the crew can be any combination of male or female, a first for this size of vessel.
    HADDOCK was commissioned on the 20th September 2002, afgter a 5,000 nautical mile voyage from Louisiana.  Since her arrival to the west coast, she had actively patrolled fromthe United States/ Mexico boarder to Los Angeles, California and offshore up to 200 nautical miles.  Her primary missions include Search and Rescue, Homeland Security and Law Enforcment.
    HADDOCK has participated in numerous joint operations with the U.S. Navy, U.S. Boarder Patrol, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, and other law enforcement agencies.  Strong working relationships with other agencies and the ability to perform numerous different missions has made HADDOCK a key asset in the genesis of the new Department of Homeland Security and Coast Guard Sector San Diego.

Last Modified 1/12/2016