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Security Levels

Ship's Characteristics & Compliment

Photo of CGC Edisto

Machinery and Personnel

Ship's Characteristics

Length Overall: 110 feet
Beam: 21 feet
Draft: 7 feet
Max Speed: In excess of 26 knots
Full Load Displacement: 165 toms
Range: 1,800+ nautical miles


Main Engines: Two Paxman-Velenta RP200M Diesel
Horsepower: 3,100 PHP each
Generators: Two 99kW Caterpillar Diesel
Potable Water: 1,760 gallons
Water maker daily output: 300 gallons
Fuel Capacity: 10,982 gallons

Ship's Compliment

CGC Edisto Flight OPS

Commanding Officer: Lieutenant (O-3)
Executive Officer: Lieutenant Junior Grade (O-2)
Operations Petty Officer: 1st Class Boatswain's Mate (BM1)
Operations Department: 1 FS2, 1 BM3
First Lieutenant: 1st Class Boatswain's’s Mate (BM1)
Deck Department: 1 BM2, 1 GM2, 3 SN/SA
Engineering Petty Officer: Chief Machinery Technician (MKC)
Engineering Department: 1 EM1, 1 MK2, 1 MK3, 1 FN/FA

Unit Billeting

EDISTO crewmembers do not live aboard the ship. Single non-rated personnel live at the barracks with a roommate. Single Petty Officers are afforded BAH and must live on the economy. Coast Guard families have the option of a government leased apartment/house (if they qualify) or living on the economy. The Point Loma Naval Station offers the crew many amenities not offered other units in the area. Our moorings are very near the gym, park, private beach, barbershop, small exchange, gas station, and club.

Last Modified 1/12/2016