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We will try and list the past crewmembers and any contact info you choose to send and post.

Name and Rank Years at Chatham Contact Info Comments
John ???? 1974-1975/td> click here MK3
Dara M. O'Malley 1975-1979 click here BM1
Gerry Bernard 1978-1980 click here "Sassy"SS2
Scott Crocker 1975-1980 click here ET2
Bill Collette 1979-1980 click here MKCS EPO
John A. Hodurski 1978-1989 click here SS1
Albert W. Higgins 1969-1973 click here no comments
Jeff Smith 1976-1990 click here PS
ET3 Brian McDonald 1975-1979 click here ET3
Terry Brennan 1977-1978 click here SN
Al Lanctot 1971-1972 click here SK3
Wendell W. Nickerson II 1969-1973 click here TDD
Michael C. Walsh 1974-1976 click here BM1 (XPO) Surfman
Jim Caulkett 1974-1977 click here BM1
MKC Richard E. Heon 1977-1978 click here no comments
Randy Boyington 1978-1982 click here no comments
Steve Craddock 1979-1981 click here BM1 Surfman 146
Mike Smolenski 1973-1975 click here MK2
Albert Smyser 1969-1978 click here "bud" rated OED
BM2 Jay Kennelly 1978-1980 click here no comment
BM2 David L. Kinner 1976-1978 click here (SN-BM2)
Dave Power 1974-1976 click here MK1 EPO Coxswain
BM3 John C. White 1977-1979 click here no comments
SN-ET2 Scott Crocker 1975-1980 click here no comments
MK3/2 Tim Russell 1977-1979 click here no comments
CWO4 Mel Eward 1977-1979 click here (Ret.) FNMK-MK2
BM2 Trevor Peterson 1968-1970 click here no comments
ET2 David L. Roach 1979-1980 click here no comments
BM1 Ed O'Sullivan 1975-1985 click here no comments


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Last Modified 1/12/2016