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STA Jones Beach Crest

Station Jones Beach

New Members Welcome Aboard

About the Area

The station is located on Jones Beach State Park which is the most renowned of all New York State parks.  It derived its name from Major Thomas Jones who came to Long Island in 1692 and built the first brick house on the Island and eventually acquired 6000 acres of which part are on the grounds of the current park.  The 2,400-acre Jones Beach State Park is one of the most venerable and historic parks in the state. Located just 33 miles from New York City , the park features 6.5 miles of majestic oceanfront beach, as well as a half-mile bay-water beach for still-water bathing. The west end of the park is home to surf fishing, a boat basin and undeveloped areas where nature enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of migratory birds and native plants.

Near the station is Jones Beach Theater, which is located within Jones Beach State Park in Wantagh  NY .  The original theater was constructed in the early 1930’s and was renovated in 1945 and again in 1992. In 1998 the theater was expanded to its current configuration and now seats 14,000 people comfortably.  Jones Beach Theater currently is one of the top ranked amphitheaters in the country and plays host to today’s top artists and celebrity attractions as well as festivals and fine arts Performances.


Local Area Housing:

All personnel reporting single or married should understand that the cost of rent and living in the Long Island area is higher than the national average.  Success on finding a home within the range of  BAH (Postal ZIP - 11520) is challenging.  Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) supplements your income and should be consulted  to best determine your entitlements. The average cost of a single apartment is approximately $1200.  The average cost of a starter home is over $300,000.  It is highly recommended that upon receipt of orders you should prepare financially, and receive counseling from the command.

Government Owned Housing Information:

Coast Guard owned/government housing is available for qualified personnel reporting to any unit within Sector Field Office (SFO) Moriches AOR.  SFO Moriches is the designated Local Housing Authority.  Government Owned Housing is located at CG Station Fire Island and Westhampton Beach. The housing is available to CG personnel with dependents.  Also, there are limited quarters for single members living on board Station Jones Beach.  All single E-3 and below members of the crew are automatically assigned to the Unaccompanied Personal Housing (2-person room) aboard the unit, unless the occupancy rate is at 95%. Single BAH is available to members E-4 and above who request to live off-base if they meet the requirements of current unit instructions. The galley runs an "All" Basic Allowance for Substance (BAS) operation and members of the crew are immediately eligible for BAS.

Medical Information

Medical Services for active duty and their dependents are varied in SFO Moriches.  At the SFO, there are Health Service Technicians who maintain a small sickbay and provide Health Benefits Advisor assistance to active duty members and their families.  They are located at the Sector Field Office in East Moriches .

Due to the station’s distance from area Military Treatment Facilities (MTF’s), the CG has been deemed TRICARE PRIME REMOTE for medical care. Active Duty personnel utilize local dentists as their primary care provider.   

The SFO Corpsman is happy to answer any TRICARE specific questions.

United Concordia dental providers are available in the local area.  The provider listing is maintained by the XPO.

Miscellaneous Information

New York City is a rich port city that has all sorts of cuisines from anywhere in the world and it attracts chefs who know how to cook the world's best cuisines.  New York has more restaurants per capita than anyplace else in the States.  You can eat anything, at any time, and cooked in any style.  In addition, the established arts – dance, theater, music – are provided and New York 's clubs are varied and exciting.  New York is home to the Metropolitan and Modern Art museums and countless smaller collections.  And for the avid consumer, the choice of shops is vast. 


There are numerous colleges and universities in the Long Island area to choose from.  These afford all personnel the opportunity to continue their education on off-duty hours.  The colleges and universities are located throughout the area and most can be reached by public transportation. End of Course tests (EOCT) are administered by the Unit’s Officer in Charge. Active duty and Reserve members can enjoy the Stations Library testing status. This system drastically speeds the process of taking an EOCT, providing rapid results to the member.

USO Information

The General Douglas MacArthur USO New York is located in Times Square at the Edison Hotel.  The address is 1457 Broadway, New York .  It is open from 1130 to 1930 Monday through Saturday.  The USO will make reservations at special rates in Manhattan hotels.  Advance reservations can be made via telephone at (212) 719-2364, or by mail to USO, ATTN: CG Representative, 1457 Broadway, New York, NY 10036.  Provide the following information: Name, Grade, Social Security Number, present duty station, new duty station (if applicable), expected length of stay, and the number of people to be accommodated.  Reservation will be confirmed by mail.

Commissary and Exchange Information:

The following locations have either a commissary, an exchange or both:

Location Commissary Exchange
USA Fort Hamilton Yes Yes
USN Mitchell Field Yes Yes
USCG Activities NY No Yes


Summer average temperature is 72F.  Winter average temperature is 33F.


United States Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat Station Jones Beach is located on Jones Beach State Park in the southern region of Long Island and is approximately 30 miles east of New York City .

Officer in Charge
USCG Station Jones Beach
1 West End Boat Basin
Freeport, NY 11520
(516) 785-2995
(516) 785-2392
Last Modified 1/12/2016