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USCG Maine Housing

Welcome to USCG Maine Housing


Now that you have received your orders... Please follow the simple steps below to ensure a smooth transition in relocating to the Great State of Maine.

Step 1 >
Please call the SFO Southwest Harbor (SWH) Housing Office: 207-244-4225

Step 2 >
Please download and complete CG-5267 Application for Assignment to Military Housing < click here

Step 3 >
EMAIL CG-5267, Orders, and Direct-Access generated BAH/Dependency Report Form to the SFO Housing Office via Email (Digital Signatures are Authorized):

Should you be released from mandatory assignment to government quarters, the Housing Office and this site maintain referrals, tips for renting, rental contract clause, home rental insurance information, and other information for home rental assistance.


Mandatory assignment to Coast Guard-Owned Family Quarters is in effect, CG-5267 Application For Assignment To Military Housing must be completed. If YOU ARE requesting to reside in government quarters, please check "I DO NOT DESIRE A WAIVER TO RESIDE IN CIVILIAN HOUSING" under GENERAL.

Last Modified 1/12/2016