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Industrial Planning Detachment - New Haven

IPD New Haven is one of three IPDs within the First Coast Guard District, is co-located with Sector Long Island Sound, and has a compliment of 6 military and civilian members. The IPD Supervisor is a LT/O3 who's parent command is ISC Boston and the shop itself has a WS-10 who oversees day-to-day operations. Our members possess a broad range of trade skills and experience including carpentry, plumbing, concrete, masonry and tile, steel and aluminum welding, and electrical wire and systems installation and repair. Our main customer is CEU Providence, who works with operational units to provide technical assistance and/or funding of intermediate civil maintenance/construction projects or structural CASREPs that impede unit mission capabilities or safe waterways management.

Our Mission

Just like our sister IPD Shop in South Portland, our primary support responsibilities are to provide minor to intermediate civil construction support and Coast Guard infrastructure emergency (or CASREP) response within District One, year round. IPD's capabilities include offshore and onshore marine construction including fixed AToN and lighthouse structural repairs, renewals, and system upgrades or repositioning; waterfront/pier maintenance, renewals, repairs, and upgrades; and logistical/technical planning and estimating assistance to units during the civil project development stage. Additionally, we possess extensive experience with aluminum welding and plasma cutting since we fabricate our own arrays to mount solar panels to and pedestals for various types of fixed AToN assets. We also perform civil demolition and/or re-hab of exterior or interior spaces to facilitate current operational necessities, perform radon remediation, and assist our other sister IPD in South Weymouth facilitate the support of local sea buoy deployment operations by fabricating a wide variety of concrete sinkers at Sector Long Island Sound.

Again, just like our sister IPDs, our personnel are also part of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) Boston; responsible for restoring Coast Guard structures and waterfronts to operational status anywhere within the continental United States after an environmental (hurricane, floods, etc) or man-made disaster.

Feel free to call us at our main IPD office at 207-767-0324 or at 203-468-4460 if you have any questions and we look forward to working with you.

Last Modified 1/12/2016