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Welcome to Sector Long Island Sound

The check in process for Reservists can be confusing. This site will provide resources and information to help onboarding members. Stay motivated and welcome aboard.

Process Overview:

  1. Check-In to the unit as per your orders. This may start at the local unit. However, it is important that you check-in to both your local unit as well as Sector Administration at New Haven.

  2. Check-In to Sector Long Island Sound Administration.

  3. Obtain a mentor. A mentor must be assigned to you. The mentor will help in your on-boarding process. Check with your local unit supervisor and confirm your mentor. They will familiarize you to your unit as well as your duties and schedule.

  4. Your responsibilities. As part of checking in to your new unit and Sector Long Island Sound you should contact your new supervisor. You must know and confirm your drill schedule.

Unit & Sector
>> Supervisor & Mentor
>> Schedule & Drilling >> Your Responsibilities
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Unit & Sector Check-in

All new members must ensure that they have checked into Sector Administration located in New Haven. Use the following check-in document.

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Supervisor & Mentors

When you check into your new unit you must ensure that you know who your supervisor is and obtain their contact information. Contact your supervisor as soon as possible and inform them that you are checking in.

Your supervisor should also designate a mentor to you. This person will be directly responsible for helping you check-in and familiarize with the unit.

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Schedule & Drilling

Work with your supervisor to determine your drill schedule. Update your information into Direct Access and use the following links to assist you.

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Your Responsibilities

The following references will assist you in understanding your responsibilities as a drilling reservist.

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Last Modified 1/12/2016