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Security Levels

Sector New York

Reserve Welcome Aboard

Welcome Aboard Sector New York!
New members reporting aboard from a-school, ROCI, transfers, intra-service transfers, and regular-to-reserve must call and make an appointment with

YN2 Brian Agresta at (718) 354-3116 or send an email to Reserve Force Readiness Staff.

Plan to arrive during weekday business hours, preferably Friday before drill weekend. You must have an appointment in order to be checked in. No one will be checked in without an appointment.

Please arrive prepared with the following:

  1. Original PCS Orders.
  2. Health Record (If travelling with it) – or make sure it was mailed from prior unit.
  3. All personal documents: original birth certificate, tourist passport; copies of marriage certificates, children’s birth certificates, immediate relative death certificates, current addresses for all immediate family members/guardians, social security numbers for all children and spouse, divorce certificates.
  4. Proof that Official Passports (if ever issued) were mailed to the Sector NY Passport Custodian. If you have it in your possession, please present it upon arrival.
  5. All receipts for charges of $75.00 or more if planning to make a travel claim.
  6. All award certificates.
  7. Prior DD214s.
  8. Training certificates received from prior military service in any military branch or civilian organization.
  9. Laptop Computer – if you have one. Software for accessing email, unit documents, readiness sites and CG Portals will be loaded on your computer.
  10. Optional - complete the DHS Travel card training in the Learning Portal.

  11. The path is, Course catalog>Acquisition>DHS Travel Card Training.
    Be sure to print your certificate and bring it with you.
  12. Any SF 538 (Personal Gear/Equipment Issue Record) forms listing gear issued.
  13. Bring all issued gear with you for inspection by your division supervisor.

You will be provided the following upon check-in.

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Last Modified 1/12/2016