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Security Levels

Prevention Department

Phone:(207) 347-5002 Facsimile: (207) 347-5024

The Prevention Department has two divisions: Port State Control and Inspections.

Port State Control: Marine Safety Office Portland's Port State Control team is responsible for conducting foreign flag vessel examinations using the Safety Of Life At Sea Treaty, The Marine Pollution Treaty of 1973 and 1978, ICLL 66, ILO 147, STCW, and applicable U.S. regulations.

Inspections: This division conducts the inspections of domestic and foreign flag vessels to determine their fitness for the services for which they are intended and their compliance with applicable statutes (both U.S. Regulations and International Treaties) and standards related to construction, equipment, manning, and operation. The Inspections Division also coordinates the Coast Guard's Cooperative Towing Vessel Examination Program (CTVEP). The CTVEP is intended to enhance vessel safety and maximize the use of scarce industry and Coast Guard resources to obtain regulatory compliance.


Last Modified 1/12/2016