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Industrial Support Detachment

Phone: 207-767-0324

ISD South Portland is one of three ISDs within the First Coast Guard District and has a compliment of 29 military and civilian members. Personnel are divided into two shops; one dedicated to naval support and includes industrial in-house prototype and parts fabrication capabilities and another one dedicated to AToN and shore side structural support. The ISD Supervisor is a LT/O3 and each shop has a WS-11 who oversees day-to-day operations. The ISD has three primary support responsibilities: naval, civil, and emergency response.

The ISD Naval Shop is a District One Center of Excellence for UTB depot level maintenance overhauls and ISD's main production line encompasses both 41fter and 47fter UTB classes. Additionally, the ISD possesses facilities to repair and/or overhaul vessels ranging from small outboard boats to the Island Class Patrol boats year round, and also provides naval CASREP and repair response throughout District One as needed. ISD also provides Sector NNE's South Portland base with crane and snow removal support.

Just like its sister Shop in New Haven, the ISD South Portland Civil Shop provides a wide range of intermediate civil construction support and Coast Guard infrastructure emergency response within District One, year round. The Civil Shop's capabilities include offshore and onshore marine construction including fixed AToN and lighthouse structural repairs, renewals, and system upgrades or repositioning; waterfront/pier maintenance, renewals, repairs, and upgrades; and logistical/technical planning and estimating assistance to units during the civil project development stage.

Additionally, ISD personnel are also part of the Emergency Response Team (ERT) Boston; responsible for restoring Coast Guard structures and waterfronts to operational status anywhere within the continental United States after an environmental (hurricane, floods, etc) or man-made disaster.

Last Modified 1/12/2016