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Security Levels

Command Center

Sector Northern New England Command Center coordinates and responds to Search and Rescue, Homeland Security, Pollution, Law Enforcement and Fisheries issued involving the local maritime community. The Command Center works in unison with other Federal, State and local agencies, and share responsibility for managing incidents and provides additional response resources.

The Sector Command Center facilitates the execution all of the United States Coast Guard's (USCG) missions and provides valuable information and coordination capability to other government agencies and port partners. The Command Center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and performs three primary functions: command and control, situational awareness, and information management for its area of responsibility (AOR). Command Centers act as the eyes, ears, and arm of the Operational Commander, who are empowered by law to accomplish various missions and responsibilities. Various statutes, Executive Orders, and Presidential Directives provide the USCG and its Operational Commanders with multi-faceted jurisdictional authority in order to successfully ensure safety and security of U.S. waters. The Command Center is an invaluable tool providing Operational Commanders and the Headquarters organization a professional and continuous "command and support node," coordinating missions and enhancing operational effectiveness to achieve USCG mission objectives and those of other government agencies operating in the maritime region.

Regularly Scheduled Broadcast to Mariners can be found on VHF Channel 22A (157.1Mhz) at 0700 & 1900 DST and on 2670Khz at 0600 & 1800 DST. The Command Center continuously monitors VHF Channel 16 and 2182Khz (International Hailing and Distress Frequencies).

Should you need to contact us, please refer to one of the phone numbers below.

Last Modified 1/12/2016