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Sector Long Island Sound - CGC Ridley

87-foot Coastal Patrol Boat (WPB 87328)
Marine Protector Class

Length: 87 feet
Beam: 19 feet
Displacement: 90 tons
Power plant: Two diesel engines
Maximum Speed: 23+ knots
Crew: 10 personnel
Maximum Range: 900 miles

Primary Missions: Search and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Defense Operations

At 0850 local time January 24th, 2001, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter RIDLEY moored at her new homeport in Montauk, Long Island, New York. The USCGC RIDLEY is "IN SERVICE, SPECIAL" status. CGCRidley will begin its training and familiarization prior to being commissioned March 23, 2001. The Coast Guard Cutter Ridley (WPB 87328), is one of the Marine Protector class patrol boats. The Ridley is stationed in Montauk to perform search and rescue, law enforcement, and marine environmental protection missions. CGC Ridley is the 28th Marine Protector class patrol boat to be delivered to the Coast Guard by Bollinger Shipyards, Inc. in Lockport, LA. This new 50-vessel class is designed to replace the aging 82-foot Point Class patrol boats currently in service. CGC Ridley is the replacement for the Coast Guard Cutter Point Wells, which was decommissioned on October 13, 2000 after 36 years of service. Several design innovations have been incorporated into this new class, including a fully integrated electronics suite and the ability to sail with completely mixed-gender crews, which was not previously possible on a vessel of this size.

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