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Sector Long Island Sound - Marine Events

Welcome to Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sounds Marine Event webpage, which can now be found at under Prevention and Waterways Management. This page contains information that will help ensure that your event will adhere to federal boating laws safety guidelines in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulations.

On this page you will find an Application for Approval of Marine Event, the Fireworks Addendum to the Application for Marine Events and information on temporary designated waterfront facilities used for the loading and unloading of fireworks from vessels or barge. Ensure that all forms are complete, accurate and legible. The package also includes points of contacts for Coast Guard and State agencies.

If a marine event permit application is required, the sponsor shall review his/her responsibilities as provided in this package. The sponsor must provide evidence of compliance with any applicable state laws. Permission must be granted from appropriate state and local authorities. The sponsor must contact the state Boating Law Administrator and the state agencies that are responsible for environmentally sensitive areas, critical habitats, and historical issues to ascertain what state requirements may apply to the event. Contact information for other agencies.

If you have any questions or are unsure of the content of this page, do not hesitate to contact the Waterways Management Staff, Marine Event Permit Coordinator, at 203-468-4415.

Section I: Do I need to submit an application?

Please answer the following questions in order to help determine if you are required to apply for a Coast Guard Marine Event Permit:

  1. Is your event being held on or near the navigable waters of the United States?
  2. Will the event take place in or near a designated environmentally sensitive area, a critical habitat containing threatened or endangered species or an area of historic, cultural, or archeological significance?
  3. Does the event involve an inherently hazardous competition? (Example: A speed boat race with vessel traveling greater than 30 miles per hour.)
  4. Could the event cause any obstructions of the navigable channel or change the customary presence of commercial or pleasure craft in the area.
  5. Is there an expected accumulation of spectator craft?
  6. Could the event present a substantial threat to the safety of human life on navigable waters?
  7. Are you requesting the use of Coast Guard resources or the issuance of a special local regulation or safety zone.
If you have answered "NO" to all of these questions, then a Coast Guard permit is not required. (However, check with state and local governments for their requirements.)

If you have answered "YES" to any of these questions your event may require a permit, submit an application to this office for determination. Please proceed to the next section to find out about deadlines, time requirements, and submission procedures.

Section II: How do I submit an application?

Step 1: Fill out the Application for Approval of Marine Event (CG-4423).

Step 2: If your event includes a fireworks display, fill out the Fireworks Addendum to Application for a Marine Event and read fireworks addendum info sheet, which discusses Fireworks Permits and Temporary Designated Waterfront Facilities.

Step 3: Applications must be submitted no less than 135 days before the start of the event unless the following applies:

  1. The sponsor submitted an application for the event in the year immediately preceding.
  2. The nature, location, scheduling, and other relevant information contained in the previous application are essentially the same.
  3. The Coast Guard received no objection to the previous application.
  4. The Coast Guard did not promulgate special local regulations for the previous event.
  5. The Coast Guard approved the previous event.
If all the above criteria are met, the application may be submitted no less than 60 days before the start of the proposed event.

Step 4: Include any other pertinent information regarding your marine event. Attach a copy of a chart of the local area with detailed drawings showing the intended route or event location. Be specific and detailed in your description of the safety measures you will take during the event and include a schedule of activities. We encourage event sponsors to submit material provided to event participants with your marine event permit application. After we have issued you a permit, any changes to the schedule of activities should be reported to this office immediately. Failure to prove sufficient information or to dedicate sufficient safety resources to the event may result in return or disapproval of your application or revocation of your permit.

Step 5: Mail or fax application* to (for CONNECTICUT AND LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK EVENTS ONLY):

Mail to:

USCG Sector Long Island Sound
Attn: WWM Division - Marine Events
120 Woodward Avenue
New Haven, CT 06512-3698


Fax to:

Attn: Marine Event Permit Coordinator

* Please note that there is no longer a requirement to submit the application in triplicate.

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Last Modified 1/12/2016