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Spill Planning and Preparedness Information

General: The National Response System (NRS) is the government's mechanism for preparing for, and ensuring adequate response to releases of hazardous substances into the environment or discharges of oil onto navigable waters of the United States. The NRS functions through a network of interagency and intergovernmental relationships and provides for coordinated response actions by all levels of government and responsible parties (the spiller) to a real or potential oil or hazardous substances incident.

A series of information pamphlets on oil spill prevention, planning, and response techniques from the Region I Regional Response Team provides summarizes information on oil spill response. If you are interested in additional information on the topics in the pamphlets, the following links provide information on different aspects of the NRS. Because many of these links are external, please read this disclaimer, and be aware that you will need to use the back button on your browser to return here.

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