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PREP Drills in the First District

The Preparedness for Response Exercise Program (PREP) is the framework utilized by government and industry for testing contingency plans of the National Response System. Developed by four federal agencies (USCG, EPA, MMS, and RSPA), it meets the minimum Oil Pollution Act of 1990 exercise requirements for government agencies; industry use of PREP is voluntary but encouraged, since it meets the exercise requirements of the four regulatory agencies. The routine testing of plans, relationships, and notifications ensures preparedness to respond even as the number of actual spills decreases. Under PREP, plans are regularly tested through notification, tabletop, equipment deployment, and government-initiated unannounced exercises. The exercises listed below (First District exercises only) are the largest type of exercise under PREP: the triennial Area Exercise, which tests the entire Area Response System. For more information on the PREP program, see Coast Guard Headquarters' PREP Frequently Asked Questions.

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Upcoming First District Area Exercises:

Calendar Year 2005

  • CANUSLANT 2005, scheduled for June 2005 will provide PREP credit for the Maine/New Hampshire Area.
  • Providence PREP
  • TOPOFF 3 - TOP Officials 3 Exercise met criteria for SONS, ACP and PREP and AMSP credit in the New London, CT area.

National Schedule

Additional Information on the PREP Program:

Updated:  01/11/2007