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Read a summary of spill prevention, preparedness, and response.

Spill Data Records: The Coast Guard collects information about oil and hazardous substance spills in connection with our mission of environmental protection and specific role of Federal On-Scene Coordinator within the coastal zone.

Data on marine casualties extracted from the Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Information System is available from the National Technical Information Service on CD ROM. This data is updated quarterly. To order this CD ROM, contact:
National Technical Information Service
5285 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22161
(703) 487-4600

Numbers of First District spills are generally declining, with approximately 1500 spills reported per year of which about 800 are verifiable as pollution. Some spills are documented on the Internet, either by the Coast Guard or by other sources (often media outlets); an informal compendium of such online information regarding spills in the First District is also available.

MSIS and pollution data are not directly available online. Portions of this detailed data are publicly available under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). FOIA requests for spill data should be handled as described below in the spill information for the United States section.

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Several First District spills below have information on the Internet, and links are provided only for your convenience and information - this is not a comprehensive list of spills that First District On-Scene Coordinators have responded to, nor are entries based on spill size. Because many of these links are external, please read this disclaimer, and be aware that you will need to use the back button on your browser to return here.



  • Rio Puelo "Potential biological hazards" are investigated 29 July through 18 August by the Coast Guard in conjunction with the NJ DEP, U.S. EPA, USDA, FBI, and other various NJ state and federal agencies.  Photo Presentation
  • District 5 Athos Spill


  • Bouchard No. 120 On April 27, the Tank Barge Bouchard No. 120 ran aground and spilled thousands of gallons of Number 6 fuel oil in Buzzards Bay. Buzzards Bay Project National Estuary Program.


  • World Trade Center  After terrorists struck the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, EPA, USCG & NST teams were on the scene within hours. The mission of EPA's Emergency Response Program is to protect the public and the environment from immediate threats posed by the release or discharge of hazardous substances and oil. Emergency response personnel are monitoring potential air quality issues; analyzing samples for asbestos and other hazardous materials and oil sampling; and disposing of biomedical waste.


  • T/V Penn 460 spills approximately 14,000 of #6 fuel oil into Narragansett Bay after a cargo tank is punctured by the stern of the tug Penn No. 6. MSO Prov
  • T/V Posavina spills 59,000 gallons of #6 fuel oil into the Chelsea River after a fuel tank is punctured by the tug Alex C. CG Press Release.
  • Quincy Shipyard hazardous materials are investigated on 25 May by Coast Guard Marine Safety Office Boston in conjunction with Massachusetts DEP, U.S. EPA, and MARAD. CG Press Release.


  • Tank Barge Florida grounded in the Cape Cod Canal after an incident involving another vessel and a possible loss of steering. A small amount of #6 fuel oil spilled from a crack in the hull of the barge PDF.
  • Tank Barge Noelle Cutler spilled approximately 200 gallons of gasoline in New Haven, CT harbor on February 10, 1999.




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