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First Coast Guard District Preparedness and Response Branch
Spill Response Planning Area Committees and Area Contingency Plans

The Oil Pollution Act of 1990 required each Coast Guard Captain of the Port, the lead federal official (or, Federal On-Scene Coordinator) for pollution response in the Coastal Zone, to chair an Area Committee consisting of representatives from federal, state, and local governments. Industry, academia, environmental groups, and other non-government organizations have input to the process at the subcommittee level. The Area Committees have produced and maintain Area Contingency Plans (ACPs), describing the strategy for a coordinated federal, state, and local response to a discharge of oil or a release of a hazardous substance within a Captain of the Port Zone (see map.) Some persons are required by law to have or to conform with ACPs. More information is available on spill prevention, planning, and response, and spill planning and response roles. Coast Guard Headquarters provides information on other coastal Area Contingency Plans nationwide.

"Coastal and Inland" By law, the Coast Guard provides Federal On-Scene Coordinators for spills in the Coastal Zone, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides Federal On-Scene Coordinators for spills in the Inland Zone. For the purposes of spill response, the Coastal Zone is the area typically seaward of a coastal highway or major road (often Route 1), as defined in the Regional Contingency Plan; the local MSO or the EPA should be consulted for this information.  Click here for the ACP Intranet Page (CG access)

Area Committee Points of Contact

Area Committee Telephone Webpage
Maine and New Hampshire (207) 780-3095 Click Here to view Plan.
Plymouth to Salisbury Massachusetts (617) 223-3000 Click Here for Area Committee information.
Rhode Island and SE Massachusetts (401) 435-2341 Click Here for Plan 
(click Area Contingency Plan)
Long Island Sound (203) 468-4420 Click Here for Draft plan.
New York and New Jersey (718) 354-4145 Click Here for Full plan.

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