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First District
Prevention Division

Phone List

Prevention Division Staff

Acting Chief,  Prevention Division 617-223-8439
Admin Yeoman 617-223-8443

 Auxiliary Branch

Director Auxiliary North Region: 617-223-8214
Assistant Director North Region: 617-223-8215
Auxiliary Support North 617-223-8309
Auxiliary Affairs Assistant 617-223-8223
Director Auxiliary South Region: 212-668-7976
Assistant Director South Region: 212-668-7992
Auxiliary Support South: 212-668-7990
Auxiliary Support South: 212-668-7990
Secretary: 212-668-7990

Bridges Branch

Supervisor Bridge Specialist 212-514-4331
Operations Bridge Specialist 212-514-4336
Operations Bridge Specialist 212-514-4330
Permit Bridge Specialist 212-514-4334
Permit Bridge Specialist 212-514-4332
Permit Bridge Specialist 212-514-4335
Transportation Specialist 212-514-4338
Bridge Branch Fax 212-514-4337
Bridge Specialist (Boston) 617-223-8364


Inspection/Investigations Branch Chief 617-223-8130
Port State Control Oversight 617-223-8598
Facility & Offshore Compliance 617-223-8272
Vessel Compliance/Oversight Chief 617-223-8541
Fishing Vessel Safety Coordinator 617-223-8440
Fishing Vessel Safety Program Specialist 617-223-8315
Analyst/Investigation Specialist 617-223-8083
Recreational Boating Safety Specialist 617-223-8464

Marine Informations & Regulations Branch

Waterways Management Branch Chief 617-223-8355
Waterways Management Projects Officer 617-223-8385
Assistant Private Aids To Navigation Manger 617-223-8221
Local Notice To Mariners 617-223-8356
Broadcast Notice To Mariners 617-223-8351
District ATON Training Team 617-223-8161
District ATON Training Team 617-223-8354
Property/Purchasing 617-223-8632

ATON / Ice Breaking Oversight Branch

Assistant Waterways Management Branch Chief 617-223-8365
Aids To Navigation Hardware 617-223-8352
Private Aids To Navigation Manager 617-223-8358

Energy / Facilities Branch

Energy / Facilities Branch Chief 617-223-8372
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