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Reporting Aboard

Welcome aboard shipmate!  JUNIPER is the lead ship of the 225' cutter class and her command and crew enthusiastically work hard to attribute to her the title of "Best 225' in the fleet!" JUNIPER's primary mission is Aids to Navigation - making JUNIPER one of the most exciting places to work in the Coast Guard. Other missions include Maritime Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Oil Clean-Up and Recovery, and Domestic Ice Breaking. Simply put: JUNIPER can do it all.  Upon reporting aboard you will quickly realize that you are surrounded by an outgoing crew and a command that is genuinely concerned with making JUNIPER the best place to work in the Coast Guard. Your Captain is LCDR John Singletary and Executive Officer is LT Greg Batchelder. We look forward to your arrival and to your becoming a part of the hard-working crew that makes JUNIPER the best 225' in the fleet!

Housing Procedures

All personnel E4 and above or Non-Rated personnel with dependents are entitled to Basic Allowance for Housing but may elect to reside in Government Housing, if available. The POC for housing queries is the Housing Officer, Ms. Sandra Hicks, who can be reached at (508) 968-6503 or via email at Non-Rated personnel without dependents reside aboard JUNIPER, but may be assigned to Government Housing based on availability.

Reporting Procedures

Work with your sponsor and JUNIPER's Yeoman well in advance of your report date to allow us to coordinate the date and time of your arrival. If you have any administration and/or reporting questions, don't hesitate to contact JUNIPER's Yeoman by calling the quarterdeck and asking to speak with YN1 Erin Estorga.

Address and Contact Information

Newport, RI 02841

JUNIPER's Phone Number: (401) 841-6953                                                                                      JUNIPER's Fax Number: (401) 841-6956
JUNIPER's Cell Phone: (401) 447-0002
JUNIPER's Underway Fax Number: (401) 864-0614

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